Purposeful Summaries

It seems counterintuitive that such a major source of natural power can be so dangerous. Global warming has been an issue in our world for quite some time now, and alternate ways of creating energy can be hurting the planet more than the burning of fossil fuels. Not only is it dangerous to our environment, but is it also dangerous to us as humans; producing toxic waste that cannot be properly discarded can cause some major health risks, especially when these plants are built in the radiation radius like plants outside of NYC. Not to mention nuclear power plants do not have the best history with incidents such as chernobyl, and the more recent Fukushima.

It seems counterintuitive that some doctors are dying to harvest organs to help others live. This is a bit of an oxymoron, but it has been happening around the world. The national organ shortage has made some doctors make hasty decisions in deciding whether a patient is deceased or not; this causes families to lose a loved one sooner than they may have expected, and sometimes when the patient small had a chance to survive. The families of the patients are contacted more and more by the organ donation groups pressuring them to let them harvest the organs, looking to maybe waste one life to save another.


It seems counterintuitive to prescribe somebody heroin to help their addiction, especially when the city is giving it to them for free! It is crazy to think that feeding the addiction is thought of as fighting the addiction, but at the safe zone in the city Vancouver they are helping people with heroin addictions, and creating safer situations for them to use in. The center was set up to try and give heroin users a kind of safe haven, where they will be monitored by nurses, and given clean needles to use with. This program has actually been spoken extremely highly of, explaining that by feeding their addiction, they are making heroin users in the city, one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs, the safest users in the city.


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