1. It seems counterintuitive that organ donors are incorrectly announced brain-dead. California has laws that require two physicians come in and declare the condition the patient is in before the doctor handling the patient can take the patient’s organs. In a case study, Foster who was 47 died from a hemorrhage. Foster had two doctors declare him, he was brain dead but his daughter wanted a third opinion. The third doctor’s opinion was said that Fodter was not brain dead and that foster moved and coughed. Foster’s daughter was happy she got a third opinion so that the doctor’s didn’t pull the plug.

2. It seems counterintuitive that Belgium approves doctors to euthanize children. Belgium will  allow it under certain conditions. Belgium is the first country in the world to lift all age restrictions. There are concerns about abuse under euthanasia. Recent studies are that some assisted deaths aren’t being recorded or are being done without request. The extension of euthanasia to children will result in an increase of euthanasia deaths each year.

3. It seems counterintuitive that Vancouver has a safe zone that lets heroin addicts “shoot up” under nurse’s supervision without getting arrested. It is ridiculous that the staff at this safe zone provides the instruments for this drug. Giving these addicts the drug and the instruments to use the drug is crazt to think about. The staff is literally helping these people die and not help them become clean.

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