Polio Killings

It seems counterintuitive to assassinate the people dedicated to saving your country from a life-threatening disease.  Polio vaccination workers have been targeted simply for administering a drug to save people. These workers lost their lives trying to save others.  The polio disease is an epidemic in Pakistan, 200 children were paralyzed in 2011 alone. Poliomyelitis is a disease that paralyzes spinal and respiratory functions. These horrific statistics and figures are only growing as the Taliban continue to fight off every attempt health officials make at vaccinating citizens.


“Buy one, Give one”

It seems counterintuitive to hesitate when offered the opportunity to give to those less fortunate.  Big companies such as, Toms, provide the chance for you to give to someone else while also giving to yourself.  Toms is known for its “buy one, give one” foundation. It seems ridiculous to question the ethics of such a noble cause.  Instead of working with local business and communities in need, they just shower them in shoes.  This act doesn’t help anyone, it is simply a Band-Aid on a broken limb.  Toms “buy one, give one” only serves to make them look good and not do good.

SeaWorld’s Orcas

It seems counterintuitive to rip down an empire for a handful of mammals.  Since, the release of the documentary, “Blackfish”, SeaWorld has been under fire for their environment and conditions in which their orca whales suffer.  Orcas are captured in their wild habitat and torn away from their family so that they can provide humans entertainment for a few hours.  SeaWorld advocates for the protection of wildlife, although, the captivity of these whales is harmful rather than helpful. No animal’s life should be reduced to the entertainment of humans rather than freedom in their natural environment.


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