Purposeful Summaries—Princess45

It seems counterintuitive that there are so many nuclear power plants in the U.S when we are constantly being told of how harmful they can be to us. Global warming has constantly been an issue in our world and it will continue to be as long as there are people on this planet. Nuclear power plants can be extremely dangerous if anything were to happen and became out of control. These plants from an alternate source of energy without the high levels of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels but there are a lot of costs and questions such as where and how will there be a proper disposal of waste? How safe are they? and what are the consequences of a disaster in a populated area? Not only are these power plants dangerous to the environment but they are dangerous to us as humans. The talk of Nuclear power plants has been around for years and it will continue to be as long as global warming is a current issue.

It seems counterintuitive that a New York assembly man who’s daughter has needed two transplants is is fighting to increase the number of organ donations by trying to change the voluntary organ donation system to a presumed consent. This means that you would  automatically be an organ donor unless you opt out. Monique Sneed has a mother who has just been told that she needs a transplant and she is a donor herself but doesn’t believe in the presumed consent. She chooses to wait for someone who voluntarily wants to help and that it would still not lead to 100% donation. The presumed consent has failed in two states.


It seems counterintuitive that the FDA does not regulate the labeling of supplements. So do multivitamins really work?  There is virtually be no evidence that multivitamins actually make healthy people healthier. Some multivitamins have been proven to do more damage than benefits. The vitamin shop has 700 million in annual sales and has been growing year after year, and just recently there has been multiple studies that show that you could be “Pissing your money away”.  Just last June manufactures were forced to put a label on multivitamins relating the “health risks”. How can there be heath risks if they are just natural vitamins that our bodies need? Not all companies police their labels well and it was found that 60 common multivitamins found fault with their labels. Most people will have adequate nutrient intake with their daily eating.


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