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It seems counter intuitive that the competitive video game industry going but is it worth it to award players a gold medal? Esports is what the competitive video game industry is called, and its rapidly growing. The League of Legends World Championship had a 15 million people watching at its peak with sold out arenas and players winning millions of dollars. Games like this are considered “mind sports” even though it does not have any real physical activities, so who knows if esports will make it into the Olympics.

It seems counter intuitive that esports is growing but there is a lot of resistance in the growing it. The Super Bowl Championship in 2015 had a $5.1 million dollar payout and the Game Dota 2 Championship had $5 million dollar payout in 2014. With a growth in payout like this it is futile to resist having esports grow. Twitch bought by Amazon, which is a platform for gamers to stream their games, get over 100 million unique viewers a month. Gaming industry has more followers on YouTube than sports, news and education.

It seems counter intuitive that fast food is growing, and the effects of it has not lowered. Junk food has shown to cause fatigue causing energy for daily tasks to drop. Not only that, it drops our daily performance and increases obesity, these food cause cause high blood pressure which can cause serious health problems. Junk food can even cause damage to liver and heart due to its high trans fat. And finally junk food is only of leading reasons to diabetes, which occurs due to high sugar intake.

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