Purposeful Summaries-Jonhjelly

Price to high

It seems counterintuitive the price to build a nuclear power plant is to high and not demanding right now. There are other concerns to be dealt with before we have to worry about a what if factor. One of the biggest problems we would face is money. Were would we find enough money to fund this project. Banks are not lining up at the door to come fund this idea no matter how good it could be for the state. But if we were to make a power plant other factors have to go into the idea. For instance the safety of the plant. Is it safe enough for people to work on and how many deaths happen per year. An the plants that we have right next to New York if a incident occurs then it would be chaos getting them out of the city. Nuclear power would be very beneficial towards the city but the cost of it will be to expensive.

New Yorker: ”silent Minds”

It seems counterintuitive that doctors have been misdiagnosing  patients of PVS when in reality they are conscious. Their has been serval studies completed in the late 1990s about patients who suffer from disorder of consciousness. But 15 to 43 percent of the time they are misdiagnosis because of the doctors relying on their bed side observation. The have been overlooking the patient behavior like their breathing and the way they smile or cry, and they would look at these characteristics as evidence of conscious. A lot of the patients who are blind are conscious and are able to communicate are just being misdiagnosis by the physicians.

The Daily Shower Can Be a Killer

It seems counterintuitive that the shower can be a killer to the elderly.  Falls are the common cause of death in older people. So the author of the article is explaining the percentages of a person falling in the shower. He talks about his which is 75 and how if he lives to reach 90 his life expectance then he has about 5 thousands more showers to go. An the odds of the author falling in the shower has now just gone by 5. He goes on to talk about to odds of a  dead tree failing on a person(1 in a 1000). Then he talks about how Guineans have to be be more alert and think clearly about dangers 911 to bail them out or doctors either. He states that they watch out for the wrong things. The author states that his hyper vigilance doesn’t keep him from living a full and happy life. He enjoys all the dangerous things but he try to keep in mind the danger ratios.

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