1. Polio Vaccination Boycott

It seems counterintuitive that people boycott vaccinations, even though they are used to eradicate disease. In 1996 Nelson Mandela launched the Kick Polio out of Africa campaign which had a goal to vaccinate 50 million children. In 2003 Northern Nigerian state leaders began to denounce the polio vaccination. They told parents to not let their children get the vaccination, due to the contamination of  anti-fertility agents (estradiol hormone), HIV, and cancerous agents. These leaders were suspicious of anything from the western world. They believed America and western allies deliberately  put carcinogens, anti fertility agents, and HIV in the polio vaccine. Previous policies that limited the number of children a woman could have, made people believe that anti fertility drugs were inserted in the vaccine. A committee was appointed to access the safety of the vaccine, but was rejected due to no muslim representation. After an 11 month boycott the Nigerian state Kano leader finally gave their approval for the production of approval from Biopharma, and Indonesian company. Indonesia is a muslim country trusted by the Nigerian muslim leaders.

2. Organ Donor Vultures

I find it counterintuitive that doctors give very poor care to patients who are close to death and organ donors. A man who agreed to donate his organs upon death was wrongly declared brain dead by doctors. A suspicious daughter and nurse brought in a neurosurgeon who determined that the man was not brain dead. The mans daughter later described the first doctors as vultures. She also stated that she would receive calls from the organ donation group. They would say statements such as “we need to retrieve the organs in a certain amount of time”, and “how is your fathers condition today.” When the two doctors determined the man brain dead, they came in the room and said “we have 2 signatures thats it we need to pull the plug.” A nurse later performed her own investigation determining he had a strong gag reflex. After this the third doctor came into the room to determine he was not brain dead at all. With a national organ shortage, many believe that doctors are compromising care for organs. In San Luis Obispo a doctor is under investigation for apparently ordering a high volume of medication for an organ donor patient who later died. Many other physicians call this spooky and a rare high stakes error.


3. Vancouver Addicts

I find it counterintuitive that Vancouver provides a place for addicts to legally use drugs. Vancouver, a beautify city has a dark side to it. Vancouver has set up a safe zone called Insite, where addicts can shoot up heroin without fear of being arrested. In this safe zone nurses provide clean syringes, antiseptic wipes, and other instruments. They are also giving the addicts the best heroine. These people are receiving free heroin prescribed by a doctor, 2-3 times a day. The center is for people who did not take heroin alternatives to get clean. These people are the most severe addicts in Vancouver. One man said that the program can help him keep down a job, and not have to spend time looking for his next fix. The free heroin also keeps crime off the streets, the people either break into a car to get money for heroin or get free heroin from the program. Vancouver is blackmailing its heroin addicts. These severely addicted heroin addicts will never get off heroin, so the free drugs keep these people from being the less dangerous drug addicts they can be.


One thought on “Summaries-Flyerfan1974”

  1. Flyerfan, you’ve provided a summary of the Polio Boycott article, but not a PURPOSEFUL summary. We get lots of details, but no indication what point of view the author is trying to express.


    Here’s a demonstration using the same material.
    It is counterintuitive (and even self-destructive) to boycott vaccinations that eradicate disease. Nevertheless, suspicion in religious communities has thwarted many earnest efforts to eliminate polio. [HEAR THE STRONG ARGUMENT THERE? NOW WE USE THE SUMMARY DETAILS TO SUPPORT OUR POINT OF VIEW.] Shortly after Nelson Mandela launched the Kick Polio out of Africa campaign to vaccinate 50 million children, Northern Nigerian state leaders began to denounce the polio vaccination out of fear that the vaccines were contaminated. Previous efforts by the Nigerian government to restrict the number of children born to Muslim parents had created suspicion that Nigeria wanted to eliminate its Muslim population. The polio vaccination program, provided by the West, seemed to religious leaders like another attempt to poison or sterilize Muslims. They spread the rumor that carcinogens, anti fertility agents, and HIV were in the polio vaccine. The sad result, of course, was death and paralysis of children in the very communities the campaign was designed to protect. But the distrust that has grown for generations was too strong to overcome. The only solution was to produce the vaccine in Indonesia, a majority Muslim country the Nigerian religious leaders could trust.

    Does that help you hear the PURPOSE behind citing the included details?

    Respond thoroughly, please, flyerfan, so I’ll know we’re communicating well. And thank you for requesting early feedback. I hope you found it useful.


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