Purposeful Summaries- Yoshi189

  1. The Cruelest Show on Earth

I find it counterintuitive that people continue to go to the circus when they are aware of the abuse the animals go through. Elephants are becoming extinct because of poachers and circuses. The circus hires people to capture elephants in the wild, while they are sleeping. In this process many elephants die, and the ones who remain alive are not the lucky ones. The captured elephants get hoisted into a ship and taken on a voyage to New York! Some elephants die in the boat on the 12,000 mile trip. Once they get closer to their destination the workers throw the dead elephants overboard. Once the animals arrive to their destination, which is usually a circus, they go into training.

Training is not pretty for these elephants. Trainers claim to use positive reinforcement to train elephants, but instead they use bullhooks. A bullhook is a three foot long metal rod with a sharp hook and point at the end of it. The hook is inserted in the ear or mouth and used to pulling, and the point is used for pushing. A baby elephant’s trainer was once witnessed bashing the elephant’s head with his rod, because the elephant was sick and not performing his tricks. When elephants don’t perform their tricks they get taken back to their stall after the show. In their stall they get beaten with whips and metal rods. All because they missed their cue or because they were sick. Elephants are highly intelligent creatures, and should not be treated like that. Children love circuses because they love seeing the animals. If everyone was educated about elephants, and knew the horror that happened behind the scenes, no one would go to the circus anymore. Spokesman for the USDA come out to circuses to investigate the abuse, but they always find ‘no evidence of abuse’. In order for circuses to stop abusing elephants, us, the people have to stop providing money for these circuses.



2.  Vancouver combats heroin

I find it counterintuitive that Vancouver gives their biggest heroin addicts the best heroin on the planet. In downtown eastside Vancouver, they have the biggest drug epicenter. In attempts to help the drug addicts, Vancouver set up a safe zone called an ‘insite’. In the insite drug addicts can shoot up under the supervision of a nurse. The insite provides the addicts with clean syringes and antibacterial wipes. In addition to the supplies, they are also supplying them with the heroin! The addicts receive free heroin prescribed by a doctor. This seems insane, but it is actually helping the city of Vancouver. The city of Vancouver realized it was better to help an addict get their fix, rather than see them in an alley dead with a syringe in their arm. One of the addicts that has received help from the insite, now is able to hold down a job; because he is not worrying about his next fix and he is much more calmer. The city of Vancouver is more so killing the addicts with kindness. They are helping the addicts with their fix; knowing it will still kill them, but at least the city of Vancouver’s crime rate went down.



3.  Belgium: Controversial Organ Donation

I find it counterintuitive that someone would kill themselves in order to be able to sell their organs. In 1993, Mario Vesculiti was suffering from multiple sclerosis. He realized he wasn’t going to get better, and that he was suffering. In September of 2002, he made a life or death decision. He euthanized himself in order to stop suffering. His doctor convinced him that suicide was a positive idea. After Belgium released a law allowing people to euthanize themselves, 1,000 people died from it. Diane suffered from a stroke, and she also euthanized herself because she wanted to donate her organs. Organ donation linked to euthanizing should not be frowned upon. Most people won’t want to live their life if they are suffering. Diane thought donating her organs was a great idea. She was told not to end her life, but she didn’t want to live anymore. She figured euthanizing herself at least her organs will go to good use.


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