Summaries- Life is Sublime

1.    Penis envy and the female Oedipus complex: A Plea to Reawaken an Ineffectual Debate By: Siegfried Zepf,  Dietmar Seel

It seems counterintuitive that people would consider Sigmund Freud to be the father of psychology. With crazy theories and concepts, it’s a wonder why this man wasn’t just labeled as crazy but as the founder and creator of psychoanalysis. One of the biggest controversial theories Freud ever published was his theory on Penis Envy. Freud thought that little girls, like little boys, have a very potentiate sex drive. Penis Envy was his way of explaining the sex drive that the girls had. Throughout the years his theory has been argued and studied. A handful of female psychologists have made it a point to prove this theory wrong. For starters, Freud was very back-and-forth with his thoughts on what a little girl experienced making his claims to be wobbly to begin with. His theory was also put up against other theories that don’t single gender out. Others find his theories to be symbolic to other psychological factors and concepts.

2.  Freud’s Not Dead; He’s Just Really Hard to Find by: Susan Krauss Whitebourne Ph.D

It seems counterintuitive that Sigmund Freud is consider to be the father of psychology, but there are many psychologist out there that claim his theories still hold truth. Even though Freud is known for his more erotic theories with sexual drive, that’s not all he is known for. Sigmund Freud was the first psychologist to analyze dreams and the unconscious and his findings/theories are still being used by psychologist today. With many people making an opinion on his work, Freud’s concepts are being used in practices and have become a jumping point for a lot of other theories in psychology today.

3.  Sigmund Freud: Life, Work and Theories by: Alina Bradford

It seems counterintuitive that the father of Psychology was originally a biologist, but he in fact was. To understand the theories, you first need to understand the man behind the theories. Sigmund Freud lived in the mid 1800s under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was raised in Vienna and had 6 children, one of which became a psychologist in order to prove her father wrong about his idea of Penis Envy in little girls. Sigmund Freud lived a fairly normal life until he stepped into the world of psychology, creating psychoanalysis. He worked with many of his own children, as well as the children in the neighborhood. Sigmund Frued’s life can give insight on the theories he had created.


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