1. Free Heroin to Battle AddictionIt seems counterintuitive that Vancouver is giving its worst addicts a place to shoot up where they can feel safe along with free pre-scripted heroin. This is a good start to making the city better. The city of Vancouver is knows for its great appeal for tourist. But, the touristy city is not all that perfect. The downtown Eastside part of the city is known for being a port town, a home for drugs. To help with the drug issue, Vancouver has created a place called the Insight, which allows addicts to shoot up, feel safe, and not have the fear being arrested. Along with the safe zone, Vancouver is now giving its addicts free heroin to help with their addiction. Kevin Thompson, an addict who uses the Insight, says that because of the safe zone and the free heroin, he is able to keep and job and never has to look for ways to get heroin since he knows exactly where to go to. The city of Vancouver’s crime rate has decreased due to the fact that they are keeping the addicts out of the streets. Although these addicts may never get off the drug since its offered free, the city of Vancouver will continue to keep crime off the streets.

  2. Organ Donor ControversyIt seems counterintuitive to have a division of age for people who are in need of transplants. There should be no division, and if someone is in need of a transplant, they should be able to get it without having to be on a longer list per say if they were a child. A 10-year-old girl who suffered with cystic fibrosis finally received a life changing lung transplant. For months, the family waiting for pediatric lungs, which was its policy since the girl was under 12-years-old. The family of the girl filed a law suit trying to get their suffering daughter on the much larger adult list for transplants. This policy is set in place because it is said to be a dangerous procedure when adult lungs are transplanted into a child. After going to court, the judge ruled in the families favor. Lawrence Fitzgerald, a man who spoke upon this issue argued that if someone is in need of something immediately, there should be no question about helping that person. Now, the courts fear that they are going to be flooded my families who are also fighting for transplants who want to win their fight the same way this family did.


3. Man Ends His Own Life to Donate His Organs

It seems counterintuitive for someone to request to die in hopes to save others lives. If someone wants to make the choice of assisted suicide, it should be allowed, only under the circumstances that they have a meaningful reason. In 2011, doctors fulfilled a patience request which was to die and have their organs donated. Mario, a man who suffered for so long, decided to take on this life change after realizing he was not going to get any better. He insisted that his native country, Belgium, make assisted suicide legal. A year later, he received a lethal injection by his doctor, which made him the first man in the country of Belgium to utilize the new law. Mario, who was the doctor of Diane, believes that assisted suicide can be positive arguing that people get to chose the way they die. Years later, Diane, a woman who suffered from a stroke, decided it was time to free her body. She claimed it was miserable for her to live in pain constantly. Researched came to believe that assisted suicide may lead to doctors pressuring their patience pursue this procedure. Since Mario, almost 5,000 have chosen assisted suicide as there means of dying.

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