Visual Rhetoric – thebeard

 0:01 – The video starts out with a car driving across the screen. It looks like an old car making the scene seems older. There is a passenger in the car so there is at least two people in the car. In the background of the first second there are lights hanging on a building. It also kind of looks like there is other cars behind the first car. It looks like there might be multiple people in the car.

This first car might be going to the building behind it with the lights or maybe leaving. Maybe there were also just driving past it.

0:02 – In the next second you can see a couple more cars parked, possible at a dinner or maybe a bar. At the farthest car there is a couple of people standing around. From the way that the male is leaning he may be arguing with the girl standing at the car with the door open. May she is trying to get away from him or not let him drive maybe. They may also just be talking and having fun.

There is writing on the building behind them but it is hard to tell what it says. It looks like a restaurant though for sure. From the look of the cars it looks like maybe the 80s. It is late at night which makes me think they are at a bar and they may be heading home from a night of drinking.

0:03 – In this scene is shows a blonde women who looks like she may be looking at a person behind where the camera is positioned. The girl has long curly blonde hair. Her hair style looks like a style from the 80s. It looks like she is wearing a long sleeve shirt, maybe a jacket. It makes me think that it is defiantly not a summer month if she has long sleeves on. There is also a man standing next to her, he is pretty close to her so he might be her boyfriend. He kind of looks like he is leaning in to kiss her. He is also dressed like he would be from the 80s. He has brown hair and big round classes. He is also wearing a jacket so it is probably not a summer month.

0:04 – During this second they start to lean towards each other like they are going to kiss but she starts to talk to him about something. There may be things going on behind them but it is really hard to tell because of the quality of the video.

0:05 – He seems really disappointed that they did not kiss. You start to see a car door that the girl is leaning on and it looks like the same door and people that were standing at the car in the second second of the video. It starts to look like there could be people behind them in this scene but it is still hard to tell.

0:06 – The start of this scene is the man and women kissing so he was finally able to kiss her about she said something to him. There is nothing much that really changed in this scene from the scene before other than they kissed.

0:07 – In this scene another girl walks in front of the two kissing and jumps into the car they are standing at. She is holding a bottle of something, probably beer. This new girl has long brown hair and also a jacket on. This makes me think that they are standing outside of a bar and they are heading home for the night.

0:08 – This new girl gets into the drivers side door and slides across the bench seat. The two that were standing outside the car kissing sit in the back of the car. They might be waiting for someone else to come and drive the car because none of them are sitting in the drivers seat. From what it looks the brown haired girl is the only person holding a drink.

0:09 – This scene starts with a guy in a red Letterman jacket. He is probably an athlete in either high school or college. Probably college if they are at a bar and drinking. He has dark blonde hair from what i can see, it is still hard to tell because of the quality. It looks like there is a car door next to him so he is probably the driver that the three others are waiting for. Just from the way he looks it looks like he has had something to drink and should not be driving. There are people behind him at the building that they have been at. It looks like people standing at the doorway and someone right behind him leaving.

0:10 – This second is the guy in the red Letterman jacket walking closer to the car with the other three in it. You can see the guy in the backseat still getting in the car. I can now see that he also has a bottle of beer in his hand. There is more people leaving the bar they are at and also more people walking to go into it. The guy in the red is definitely driving the car and should not be.

0:11 – The guy in the red looks like he might have said something funny to the other guy because he has a big smile on his face or he might just be drunk. They look kinda of young, maybe in high school or young college students. They are getting in the car to leave and go somewhere. possibly home but they should not be driving because they have been driving.

0:12 – They both jump into the car, the one in the red driving, I can now see that he has a bottle in his hand as well and should not be driving. That is one of the dumbest things to do. It does not seem like they are underage since they were at a bar and walk out with bottle of beer. When the two guys get into the car the two girls are talking about something, It is hard to tell if the girl in the back in drinking but the girl in the front has a bottle in her hand still. Hopefully they do not drive away but they probably will.

0:13 – As the two guys finish getting into the car the driver hands the girl in the passenger seat his bottle and goes to turn the car on. He kind of drunkenly hands the girl his bottle so he should for sure not be driving. The two in the back are sitting pretty close so it makes me think they are dating.

0:14 – The guy in the back seat leans forward to tell to guy driving. Hopefully he is asking him if he is alright to drive. I hope that the guy says he is not but I know that he wont and he will say he is fine to drive even though he probably is not fine.

0:15 – They continue to talk about something in this second. Probably something about the night or if the guy in the red can drive. The girl in the front seat is still looking towards the girl in the back probably still talking about something. Maybe they are talking about how the night is going or maybe what they are going to do after they leave.

0:16 – The guy in the backseat is leaning over talking to the guy in the red still, he has a look of concern on his face. It seems he might be telling the guy not to drive or asking if he is alright to drive. The guy in the front seat seems like he is telling him he is fine and to not worry about him. He probably has on had a few drinks but he should still not drive even if he only had a few drinks.

0:17 – The guy in the front starts to say something back to the other guy. Possibly saying that he is fine to drive.

0:18 – The guy in the back sits back in his seat fine with what the driver said. Seems like they are going to start driving away which they probably should not be doing.

0:19 – The girl in the back seems fine with whats going on because she is smiling or she has no idea what is going on and is just really drunk. The guy in the back starts to put his arm around the girl next to him. They are more than likely dating.

0:20 – This shot shows all 4 of them in the car. The girl in the front seems like be closer to the driver now. They are probably also dating. The guy in the red seems like he is trying to start the car now.

0:21 – This second is the driver trying to find the whole to put the guy in for the car. He is struggling to put the key in so he should for sure not be driving. He is probably more drunk than he thinks he is.

0:22 – He finally find the whole for the key and starts the car.

0:23 – This second show two skeletons in the back seat like they have been dead for years. Maybe it is just to show that drunk driving kills and instead of using actual dead bodies or ones that are meant to look dead they make them skeletons. It seems really bright almost as if there was an explosion.

0:24 – This second shows the front two people also as skeletons now like they are all dead or have died. The care also looks like it is not in good condition. It is hard to tell from the quality but it is for sure not in the condition it was before they drove.

0:25 – It is now darker, if there was an explosion is is might be all smokey now. Probably aftermath of an explosion.

0:26 – This scene is a human hand of the left of the screen going towards the middle of the screen. And another hand on the other side that is a skeleton hand. They are moving towards each other like they are about to shake hands.  On the screen above the hands it says “Drinking and driving can kill a friendship.” The four people in the car definitely drove and died because they were drunk.

0:27 – The two hands start to shake almost like they were friends but now the one on the right has died and they aren’t friends anymore.

0:28 – Basically the hands are just on the screen now and the video fades to black and ends.


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