Visual Rhetoric—Jadden

0:01-0:02 The flag of texas is along what appears to be a white wall. Composed of three colors, red,white,and blue. There is 3 sections, a blue section on the left, with a white star in the center of it, and a white section above a red section on the right.There is also two golden rings along the left side of the flag, for attaching rope and raising and lowering it from a flagpole. In the video for some reason it seems to not be along the surface of the wall, but hovering, unattached to anything, due to the fact it is casting a shadow along the wall. There is a light in the background illuminating the flag. I am led to believe it’s indoors, however there is ripples in the flag indicating possibly a draft of some sort.

0:03-0:04 The flag’s blue portion starts to seep into the bottom section of the flag. As the blue pours in, it begins to start overtaking the bottom red section of the flag. It seems that the blue fading in could be symbolic of waves along a shore or possibly water flooding, as it enters the bottom of the flag in a flooding motion.


0:05 The blue that seeped into the bottom of the flag has completely covered the red section of the texas flag. The blue created waves as it filled in the flag, to make it seem the flag is being overtaken by water. The blue is mimicking the ocean now, as it sways back and forth along the flag, beginning to overtake the entire flag.

0:07-0:09 The blue starts to rock back and forth, overtaking a portion of the top white section of the flag. It does this in the same manner as waves would rock back and forth in an ocean. The white lone star within the flag remains untouched throughout the process.

0:10-0:11 The flag shows water rising and lowering as depicted by the blue covering more and then less of the white in the flag. Little ripples and waves are also being created by the blue section of the flag, making it seem more realistic.

0:12-0:14 The water level overtakes more of the flag. It starts to seep into the white section, covering more than half of the flag. The white lone star within the flag remains untouched by the blue. Larger waves are being created within the flag. It swells up and down, and becomes much rougher than the first set of waves.

0:15-0:16 The waves continue to appear on the flag. The blue has overtaken almost all of the white, and the wavelike motion has become very rough. It continues to swell up and down as if there is a bad storm at sea.

0:17-0:18 The waves and level of blue have lowered, and created a sense of relief. The blue on the right corner has a small hill, even though the level of blue has dropped. This could possibly indicate a wavelike motion getting much stronger, or possibly a gigantic wave could flush the flag.

0:19 It begins to level out the blue area, and the blue starts to lower out of the white section in the flag. The lone star is still untouched by the blue present in the flag. The waves have also now become much calmer.

0:20 The level of blue has now drained below the white and back into the red section. Waves continue to develop as the draining process occurs.

0:21 The level of blue is now almost entirely gone, as it drained away from the red section of the flag. There is now only a sliver of blue hanging off the blue section to the right, almost to the point were it looks like the original flag again.

0:22 The flag of texas is now restored to its original look. The blue has drained completely out of the flag and the original flag now stands.

0:23-0:27 The flag fades away. The same background is present, however there is now in black text, the words “Harvey can’t mess with Texas”. This reveals that this is an advertisement about hurricane Harvey and its effects on Texas. The blue represented the hurricane and all the flooding damage caused by the storm. The lone star could have possibly been symbolism that texas withstood the flood, as it remained unchanged throughout the transformation of the flag.

0:28 The text changes again, this time to a website link. This website link leads to the hurricane Harvey relief efforts in texas. A small logo from Ad Council appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


2 thoughts on “Visual Rhetoric—Jadden”

  1. I kept watching the first second or so of video looking for the ripples you mentioned, jadden, not seeing any. Then I realized you meant wrinkles. I agree they’re there, but I don’t see any motion in the flag that would indicate there’s a breeze. That raises the question: why in an ad about a hurricane would the director choose to depict a static flag instead of one that is being whipped by a wicked wind? Any thoughts on that choice?


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