Visual Rhetoric—theadmiral

0:00, 00:1- A younger asian man looks to be sitting on the couch possibly in his home. There is a blanket, rolled up next to him. This could have been done intentionally by the director to give it a more homey feeling, and not just a set. He is looking at his phone, and appears to be texting. There looks to be a black and white picture on the wall, again probably for decor of the house. I cannot make out the image, it looks to be some sort of mountain setting. There is a red barn or some sort of shed out back, if you look through the sliding glass door.

0:02- The man is now sitting in a library. He is still on his phone, He is in different clothes, now wearing a grayish, blue sweater. His hair is still in the same fashion, the kind of wave hairdo I used to wear in third grade. He looks to be sitting in the back of the library, with a copious amount of books behind to him. I cannot make out any titles on the books, probably done to not take away from the actor. There is one book to the right of his head that stands out tho, only because of its yellow color. The title of the video is “project yellow” so I think the yellow book can be a small sign used by the director.

0:03- The man has changed scenes again to a gym now. He looks to be doing some sit ups. His outfit changed again, to a plain white shirt, and a yellow headband. He is still texting, fully focused on his phone. The gym he is attending does not look very occupied. You can see one man in the mirror, looking to be doing some tricep pushdowns, and the Tv is on, so we know he is not alone in the gym. He is now wearing a silver watch on his left wrist. There is a hand sanitizer dispenser to the right of his head

0:04- The man changed scenes from the gym, now to some sort of outdoor patio of a restaurant. There is a person, removed to his right, our left, that looks to be sitting down, and eating. We can tell he is eating because he is bringing something to his mouth, and that is usually how I eat a burger, so I think it is safe to assume he is eating some sort of finger food. The man is still on his phone, texting, but he has changed his outfit, or shirt at least. There are people in the background, it looks like they too are eating.

0:05- The man has changed scenes again to it appears to be his birthday party. It is safe to assume it is his party because there are a bunch of people standing up around him, and his is sitting with a cupcake with a candle in it in front of him. He is texting, as he has been in every other scene. His shirt has changed again, to a white quarter zip sweater with blue stripes on it. He has a black watch on now.

0:06- Now we see the man in yet another location, on a carousel. He is still texting. There is nobody near him on the carousel. He is now wearing a cream colored sweater.

0:07- The man is still texting, but now he is on a date with a red headed girl. I do not know where they are, maybe her house because it looks like a home, from the plants behind his head, and there looks to be a kitchen behind him and to the right. They are sitting on a couch, and he is wearing the same white quarter zip sweater from a few scenes ago. She is dressed in all black, and kind of out of the light, bringing more focus to the man texting, and so much her and their date.

0:08- The camera is now placed in the back of an open refrigerator. We see the man texting, and closing the refrigerator door.

0:09- The next scene is the same man in the dark, bundled up in a blanket. He appears to be laying in his bed, with nothing but the light from his phone shining on his face.

0:10- The same man is texting, sitting in front of a ping pong table, with a blurred out white ball on the screen. The table is by a window, and it looks to be kind of cloudy outside. He is sitting on the arm of a couch, so this could be in somebody’s basement or somebody’s game room. He is now wearing a black shirt and a pair of grey pants.

0:10-0:11- We see the man in two different scenes in one second. The speed of the scene change is beginning to speed up. In the first scene, his is in a blue puff jacket with a hat and a blurred out label. He looks to be on an escalator at the mall. He is still texting. In the second scene, he is back in the white sweater, and at some sort of club, or house party with lights flashing. The man is texting in both scenes still.

0:11- In the later parts of the eleventh second, we see yet another scene change of the same man still texting. He is now sitting on a blue park bench, in a jacket. The trees in the background are bare, and he is wearing a jacket, so it is safe to assume that it is winter time.

0:12-14- The twelfth second also has three rapid scene changes. They are all with the man texting, but just in different locations, and in different clothes. The first scene, it looks to me that he is on the second story of a mall. He is wearing a grayish black shirt, and texting and walking. The next scene is him in bed with blankets over his head. His face is lit up by the light from his phone again, but it still looks to be day time from the light coming in from the window in the back of his room. He also is shown back in the gym, behind a man doing some sort of benching. He is still texting (which is not the proper thing to do if he is spotting somebody in a gym, like he is shown in the picture.) In the thirteenth second, they show him back in the mall on the second story. After a short amount of time, he is shown back at the restaurant outside eating, and then back at the gym, but no longer doing sit ups. He also is shown back on his date, back at the ping pong table, back at his birthday party, back at the library, and then back on the carousel.

0:15- They show another rapid burst of scenes starting with him closing the refrigerator, at the ping pong table again, on the escalator at the mall, back at the party with the lights, back at the park, then back in bed.

0:16- He is shown still texting back on the second story of the mall, and then behind the wheel of his car, in a scene we haven’t seen yet. He is texting, in a blue plaid shirt, with no seatbelt on.

0:17-0:19- It goes to the side shot of him in the car with the passenger side, front door open. We see the right side of his body, and he finally puts his phone down. It then goes to an unlocked phone screen, with the rest of the messages blocked out, but only focusing on one message saying “Ok. Driving now so I’ll ttyl.” It stays on the same picture, and then the words “not here” pop up in white letters at the top right of the picture.

0:20- It shows the man driving off, with both hands on the wheel. The words “not here” show up on the screen again, and then underneath of that, a text bubble that says “never here” shows up.

0:22- The last scene shows the car driving away, and at the bottom shows the words “don’t text and drive.”


2 thoughts on “Visual Rhetoric—theadmiral”

  1. Hey, theadmiral. The video you’ve chosen is the same one your classmate Splash305 selected. I’ve made extensive notes to Splash’s post that seem to be applicable to yours as well, so I recommend you visit your classmate’s post. Far from discouraging this “voyeuristic” behavior, I recommend you view as much of your classmates’ work (and my feedback) as possible, the better to gain from what your peers are doing and how it’s received.

    Once you’ve reviewed Splash’s post and comments, available by following this LINK, please reply to my Reply and tell me whether you find my feedback helpful. Will my impressions of the first second of your video make it easier for you to do a thorough examination of the remaining 35 seconds?



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