PTSD Claims- MyrtleView


“Way up north, and nearly as west as you can go, in Ferry County, Washington, there’s a little town with no stoplights by the name of Republic. There’s an abundance of parks and lakes and campgrounds—though I lose track of how many people warn me not to walk any unknown path for fear of trip wire and booby traps.”

A factual claim since you can prove that there is a town in Washington called Republic with no stoplights. Also an evaluative claim because he believe that there are many parks and hazardous traps outside of the paths.

2. “Yeah,” a county commissioner says, squinting against the afternoon sun, speaking of the high proportion of Vietnam veterans who live here, “they wanted to get away from society. And for the most part, they’ve blended in really well.”

The county commissioner makes an evaluative claim stating that the veterans that moved into town fit in well with the locals.

3. Between 200 and 300 people show up, a big turnout in a county of 7,500 spread over 2,000 square miles. Dressed in a patriotic red shirt and blue jeans, Danna smiles easy but moves pretty slow because she threw her back out  again.

This is an quantitative claim that shows the number of people that come to this event.

4. It may take years for the verdict to come in on whether secondary trauma will be officially acknowledged as its own unique form of hell.

Amoral claim since it suggest the hell is similar to feel secondary trauma.

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