PTSD Claims- DudeInTheBack

Part 04

1. Granted, diagnosing PTSD is a tricky thing.

Claim: saying that ptsd diagnosises are tricky. explains in later passage saying how it is tricky

2. the incidence of PTSD goes up with the number of tours and amount of combat experienced.

Claim: does not give proof of this claim

3. As with most psychiatric diagnoses, there are no measurable objective biological characteristics to identify it.

Claim: saying that it cannot be identified with things causing the illness. its all in the brain

4. Doctors have to go on hunches and symptomology rather than definitive evidence.

Claim: should prove that doctors have to go on hunches and don’t have definite evidence to go on

5. Caleb knows that a person whose problem is essentially that he can’t adapt to peacetime Alabama sounds, to many, like a pussy.

Claim: saying calebs situation most people would say he’s a pussy for it.

6. Now if you’re knocked unconscious, or have double vision, or exhibit other signs of a brain injury, you have to rest for a certain period of time

Claim: stating the new rule for safety

7. but that rule didn’t go into effect in theater until 2010, after Caleb was already out of the service.

Claim: showing that the rule was made after calebs service, it could have helped caleb

8. Unlike PTSD, secondary traumatic stress doesn’t have its own entry in the DSM

Claim: secondary traumatic stress cannot enter the brain

  • end of one hour

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