Agenda WED NOV 15

Rebuttal Workshop

in Preparation for Rebuttal Essay Deadline

“Why Men Aren’t Funny”
by Lindy West, New York Times, WED NOV 15, 2017

“Louis C.K. Responds to Accusations: These Stories Are True”
New York Times, FRI NOV 10, 2017


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14 thoughts on “Agenda WED NOV 15”

  1. -Going over evamples of articles that could be rebuttled
    -Reading through the article about Louis C.K. and the choices he has made. it sounds like his appology is more towards the business people he her second hand. The appology doesn’t seem to go towards the women he hurt very much.


  2. – While reading some articles, look up things that are stated to see if they are true
    – Also look up information that you may not understand
    – It seemed like Louis C.K. bragged about his accomplishments and not really apologizing to the people that he actually hurt
    – He took longer to apologize to the people that helped him in live, like his manager and the studio he worked at, and the company that is producing his movie
    – He tries to turn it into a lesson for everyone and not for what he simply did wrong
    – He didn’t really have an apology, he never really said “I’m sorry”
    – Rebuttal is meant to have a different side to object to what I am arguing
    – Have evidence to back up why the rebuttal may or may not be true
    – My rebuttal will be that fighting in the NHL actually hurts it, the injuries that happen and how it affects the sport
    – For my own memory my definition I have to fix to what the definition of injury is
    – My causal essay I will write about what hockey would be like if there was no fighting, what types of players wouldn’t be in the game. What would happen if the biggest star on the team got hit and you can fight someone to have his back
    – I will also have statistics on how often fights happen in the NHL and how many injuries happen from fighting and not from fighting
    – My rebuttal will have information that fighting causes more injuries and different types of injuries then normal play time does
    – I am going to try to have all 3 parts of the final paper written by Sunday, at least the rebuttal and causal, I still have to fix my definition essay
    – I will ask for feedback once I am ready and finished with each of them so I can make them the best they can be in the time that I have


  3. -Find an article that disagrees with yours
    -Louis Ck apologized for his wrong doings
    -His apology was off and sounds like he was told what to say
    -He only gives a sentence to the victims, but gives a whole paragraph to the workers at FX
    -It makes it seem as if his wrong doings are an everyday ticket such as jay walking


  4. – Practice rebuttal
    – My causal argument never published on Saturday
    – trying to copy and paste my causal essay to a new post and it still will not let me publish
    – my causal argument just posted
    – Louis C.K. was very harsh with his apology
    – She was trying to tell Louis to basically quit, and find someone else that is not himself, to do his job
    – Louis stand up is funny and true in my opinion.


  5. Comp 2 notes 11/15

    No agenda under agenda place for today
    Wordpress is being difficult
    Rebuttal practice with live material
    Article on why men aren’t funny
    The only value of a source to us when building an argument, is it helps us understand the point of view we need for a strong argument, and also helps us understand the counterargument
    Lindy West’s article on Why men aren’t funny doesn’t really have a title that makes sense to the article
    The solution to the articles problem, in her words, is putting putting people in positions of power who are not male, not straight, not cisgender, not white.
    Louis C.K. can do this by not making jokes about the sensitive issues in the world
    He also has to replace himself with a black trans woman, in the words of this author.
    West does not want C.K. to fix the problem, she just wants him to acknowledge that there is an ongoing problem
    West is upset because in C.K’s apology, he only blamed himself and not the industry, where she wanted him to blame the industry and himself
    In C.K’s comedy, he talks about the horrible creatures that men are at times, and is completely aware of the politics of the situation


  6. -It can sometimes be difficult to refute a current event.
    -To refute an argument, pick apart each claim to benefit your argument.
    -Claims that are against yours are valuable because they provide a valid counterargument that is necessary to acknowledge.
    -It is important to address counter thoughts that the reader might have so that you can refute it and leave the reader on your side.
    -Be critical and detailed with your rebuttal.
    -Examining someones argument minutely will help to see if they are making legitimate claims.
    -Then, you can refute them to make your own argument stronger by eliminating their effectiveness.


  7. We picked the article why men aren’t funny to do some hands on work with rebuttal argument.

    We noticed how his apology kinda shifted to not really an apology. He said it in a way that is kinda normal where he tries to average people in similar situations.

    I thought this was a ‘Kevin Spacey’ apology, instead of a true apology he is trying to bring other information to show his legitimacy in the industry and doing a bit of a sellout/brag of what he has acconplished.

    This was to find weakness in others people’s argument so ours don’t get argued.


  8. Rebuttal
    -To provide a valid counterpoint against the paper
    -The solution needs to be valid
    -Find more sources opposing your argument
    -Try to find refutable points within the source
    -figuring out how to knock down the other argument so they cant knock yours down


  9. Rebuttal argument due Sunday.
    Why Men Aren’t Funny:
    Lindy West says that he didn’t actually apologize because Louis C.K. didn’t say “I’m sorry”. She said Louis C.K. blamed it all on himself and not on the industry. West said the solution is to have people of power be not male, not white, and not straight.
    His apology isn’t directed to the women.


  10. Why Men Aren’t Funny- an article written by a feminist woman, about the comedian Louis C.K., Louis C.K. has admitted to the rumors of him disrespecting women as true, reading his responds to the accusations I believe that what he said was very bold (he goes right into talking about his power position and how it influenced him)
    It’s important to look over claims and decide on whether they are truthful.


  11. – We are walking through an article titled “why men aren’t funny”
    – We’re trying to figure out a rebuttal to this article
    – We see that the narrator could’ve been more sincere when he told how sorry he was
    – We took whatever was said in his article and took it as a rebuttal towards him


  12. Rebuttal workshop
    Why men aren’t funny article as examples
    Authors claim: Louis ck ‘s apology wasn’t good enough. His apology was him saying he was one man making a mistake. He should have said that the comedy industry is oppressing women. Her solution is puttin someone in charge who isn’t a straight white dude.
    We pick apart her claims, she doesn’t have enough evidence to back her claims.
    Rebuttal essay: valid counterpoint needs to be addressed and rebutted
    Legit claims riddled with internal errors
    Finding weakness in arguments of others. Point out weakness with your strengths.
    Knock down other people’s claims before they knock down yours.


  13. Gm morning of 11/15/17 practice on doing rebuttals with live materials.Refutation is the action of proving a statement or theory to be wrong or false. Rebuttal Argument due Sunday at midnight


  14. Gm morning of 11/15/17 we are going to be doing practice with working with rebuttals with live material. Demonstrates what type of things to look for and do for our next assignment. Refutation -the action of proving a statement or theory to be wrong or false. Rebuttal Argument due Sunday at midnight !


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