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The definition of technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. The reason why we created technology is because we wanted to make task simpler. We wanted to design and create different devices to accomplish different task. For example the car was designed to make traveling easier. Another is the cell phone which was designed to make communication easier as well. Also the invention of fire extinguishers this was a great help because it help stop fires that could kill others.

Technology is invented when people are unable to complete the task by hand. The car was invented because people wanted to see if it was possible to make traveling easier. An Karl Benz was the man who invented the first automobile. He wanted to make traveling easier and more personal. Soon after the first car was invented there have been many different variations of this wonderful invention. Just because it was such a big hit and was a big help and stepping stone for the future. The invention of the car was a success and changed the world as we know it.

The invention of the cell phone was another invention that was a big hit in todays world. The man behind the invention was Martin Cooper a researcher who made the first mobile phone in 1973. Because of Dr.Cooper made this device that was capable of making communication a lot more accessible. This inventions changed the world by making a device that allows you to keep in touch with a person that is on the other side of the world by just a dialing the phone number.

Another invention that has change the world for the better was the invention of the fire extinguishers. It was invented because fire were a big problem back in the 1800 and people were having a very hard time stopping them until  captain George William Manby  created this devices that will stop fire easier and without people getting to close to the fire themselves. This device changed fires and putting them out a whole lot easier.

Technology is invented to make human life easier. We develop inventions to help make our lives easier and to make the things we would like to do more accessible. So the micro chip will fall into the same category. This invention could change human life and make doing the simpler things in life like putting the the password into your office door easier with a wave of a hand. Now technology is essential to our survival now, we have become accustom to having short cuts and technology is one of our biggest shortcuts but it is vital to our survival on this planet.

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