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There are many young black men who have a difficult time finding out who there are and figuring out how to be successful in life due to the fact that the world we live in today with violence and police brutality in the back of their mind. In 2014, Barack Obama began a movement called My Brother’s Keeper which provided young black men of color the support they need to think broadly about their future. The question that everyone wanted answers to was if Obama was going to continue this movement after his term as President was over.

As previously stated, the goal for this movement was to help young black men reach their goals and their success in the future. Many wondered if Obama will continue this movement after leaving office. Well, if you didn’t think he was going to continue this movement, you’re wrong. Obama showed how passionate he was about the movement during an interview with Dawn Porter. She explained how even though she has watched and read all of Obama’s speeches about the movement, she was still surprised of how passionate and personal he took the movement. In the interview, Obama also verified that he agreed to continue the movement even after he left office.

Because Obama agreed to continue the movement, this has shown how passionate he was about the movement. But, what if Obama did not continue the movement. Would others take on the responsible of leading the movement. If Obama did not continue the movement, there would not be as much success as it has now.


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I have been thinking about changing my ENTIRE topic for my research paper. We spoke in my student meeting about writing about the Obama MBK movement. I was going to write about how the MBK movement only lasted while Obama was our President. But in fact, after doing some research, the MBK movement is still happening through Obama even though he is now out of office. So what’s my argument now? Should I take entire new route with a whole new topic. One idea, is to compare Trump and Obama’s in office effectiveness with young children. But, would this be 3,000 words of writing? I need LOTS of help. I feel as though I don’t even have a real “thesis” statement.

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  1. Yeah, I agree, CollegeGirl. There’s nothing going on here. You didn’t have a particularly lively thesis going in the first place, but now that the question you were asking can be answered in One Word: Yes, there’s no controversy left to your controversy.

    But it took me just two minutes to gather some interesting resources from a simple Google search for “Irony of Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper. Looking for irony is a good way to find unintended consequences of government programs.

    —People wonder out loud why the President excluded girls, further marginalizing the already hopelessly neglected young black females.
    —They fret about where the money comes from to fund the program.
    —They’re worried that MBK might derail the Ferguson movement.
    —They notice with dismay that the emphasis of MBK on positive male role model fathers, and taking personal responsibility as a path to success seems to put the blame on black boys for failing to thrive in an oppressive society


    Then, if you want conflicting opinions from smart people, try out these sites that create conversations with smart people:

    Start building up that Proposal+5 again, CollegeGirl. Those sources should give you a head start. Helpful?


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