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For my research essay I will be examining the business ethics and corporate social responsibility and searching for reasons about companies falling. In one case study by Peter Arlow in the journal of business ethics discussed around what age do people show poor business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Arlow’s research results came out to be that college students’ ethical attitudes are influenced more by exposure to the to the larger socio-cultural norms than by education in specific disciplines, which may have implications for business ethics instructions.

The most common mistake for the lack of ethics and CSR is on business owners who don’t set rules and standards for a company. The world itself puts our young minds fresh out of college into difficult positions where we must make a choice to keep our jobs or else we get cut.  Having business ethics is important but without corporate social responsibility a business can not succeed. When we think of businesses everyone always wonders why a specific business is failing. The main problem usually comes from disloyal employees who are unethical but not because of how their parents raise them it’s how society raises them.


1. “Enron Case Study”

The Essential Content of the Article: This source provides information about Enron, was big natural gas industry that once was a big success but turned out to be a big fraud. The article gives information about Enron how they collapsed.

What it Proves: It proves that without any business ethics a company can crumble.

2. “College Student’s Evaluations of Business Ethics” 

The Essential Content of the Article: This source gives detailed information and data demographic of age groups to find out in what age do people start to have poor ethics. It also proves the stereotypes wrong of individuals in business and their behavior.

What it Proves: It proves that people tend to lack ethics once they reach and start living in the real world on their own.

3. “How Corporate social responsibility pays off”

The Essential Content of the Article: This source explains five strategies guidelines for managers to incorporate in their businesses. CSR is important to any company because without it the company will not succeed for long term. CSR is all about planning and targeting the customers you want to attract and help the company grow.

What it Proves: It proves that with corporate social responsibilities helps a company or a business figure out what their goals or missions of their business is and then gain income and benefits.

4. “Explicit and Implicit CSR”

The Essential Content of the Article: This source demonstrates the explicit and implicit motives of CSR. For example the explicit consists of voluntary corporate policies and strategies while implicit consists of mandatory rules, values, and norms for a corporation. The article also explains how CSR is not only in the United States but Europe and beyond has gained that momentum and have noticed that this CSR rule has increased production due to the benefits that employees also get for working for a company like health benefits, fair wage, and protection.

What it Proves: It proves that for CSR to succeed in a business there must be a lot of control either respecting the rules that are voluntary put by management or mandatorily put by the NBSs. Other than respecting the rules, the employees must follow up on them and act upon it or else they will get fired.

5. “The Biggest 5 Corporate Scandals”

The Essential Content of the Article: This source describes the biggest scandals that happened because of unethical practices. Not having ethics can lead to so many bad consequences that we or the company does not need, it could literally drop the value of a company and many “loyal” customers will start switching because of lies.

What it Proves: It proves that not doing the right thing always goes bad and people/the world will find out and instead of the company having net income they will result in having net loss.

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