3. Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- Yoshi

0:00- The video starts off with what seems to be a nice sophisticated man. His short orange brown hair is slicked back with gel. His face has some stubbles on his cheek. He looks like he shaves but not everyday. He seems as though he doesn’t care about his appearance.  He is wearing a light blue button down shirt with a red tie. His shirt doesn’t look pressed. He looks like he is in the working-class, possibly going to an office job. His face is brightened, because he is looking out a window. His mouth is open, and his hand is going towards his mouth as if he is eating something. In the background there are brown cabinets against the wall, therefore he is probably in his kitchen. He is eating over the sink, maybe he is in a rush to get to work.

0:01-0:02- The camera has now backed up, and a woman is to the left of the frame. Her hair is tied in a ponytail, and she has on a nice olive green shirt on. She is reading the newspaper, with a glass of orange juice next to her and a plate. They are both probably eating breakfast together, before the man has to go to work. They are most likely husband and wife. A little further back to the right is the nicely cleaned up man. He has a plate in his hand, because he was eating breakfast. You can clearly see the setting now. The man is by the sink looking out the window. Their stove is connected to their counter next to the sink. Their appliances are stainless steel.  The woman is standing on the opposite side of the counter than the man. Their cabinets look a little old fashion wood.

0:03-0:04-  Is a close up of the man washing his dish. Then it cuts to his wife smiling because he is cleaning up after himself. He seems very tidy and helpful. The wife looks very pleasant. Her hair is light blonde and pulling into a low ponytail. She looks very clean, she has no fly aways her hair is very slick. She has makeup on, it looks very neutral. The background has a striped blue and white chair. It almost looks like it could be a beach house.

0:05-0:06- Shows the man walking out to his car with a leather bag around his arm. He is looking over to his left at his neighbor, with his hand raised waving to his neighbor. There is an orange cord tangled up on the floor, his neighbor is bent over trying to up tangle this cord. The neighborhood the man lives in looks middle-class. He has an average everyday car. There is big trees in between The mans house and his neighbor. I think the man doesn’t care to much about his or his house appearance.

0:07-0:09- Shows the man with the neighbors hose in his right hand. The hose is on, and the man is spraying what looks to be the neighbors bush. To the right of the screen you can see the neighbor slightly blurred. He looks elderly. He is short, olive skinned, and he has big squared glasses. He has a huge smile on his face, because the nice looking man is helping him out.

0:10-0:13- The nice man has now made it to work it looks like. His setting looks to be in an office break room. There is a bulletin board with papers hanging on it. There is a man and a woman sitting at a round table with mugs in front of them. They are both dressed professionally. The man has a button down shirt on with a vest over top. And the woman has a nice dress shirt on with a cardigan over it. In the background is the nice man with a coffee pot in his hand, that is filled with coffee. He walks over to the round table his ‘co workers’ are sitting at, and pours the coffee into their cup. The man the proceeds to look up, and smiles to the nice man. They are all dressed business casual.

0:14-0:15- Is the nice man in line at the grocery store. He is holding a bunch of vegetables in his hand. He looks at the man behind him. The man behind him has a pineapple in his hand. The nice man the proceeds to nudge his head signaling the older man behind him to get in front of him in line. The man with the pineapple in his hand lifts the pineapple, nods, and smiles thanking the nice man. The older man behind him steps in front of him, and gets in front of him.

0:16- The nice man is now in the car. Outside of the car’s windows is blurry. I looks like the nice man is driving. He is looking over his shoulder and down. It looks like he is looking at the center console of the car. He has sort of a confused look on his face as if he is trying to read something.

0:17- It is a close up of a phone. It says 6:40 so maybe the man just got done work. The phone is lit up with what seems to be a text message notification. The nice man’s hand comes into the screen, as he reaches over and grabs his phone off the passenger seat.

0:18- The nice looking man is still driving because outside the windows is still blurry. The man is now looking down in front of him. One of his hands is on the steering wheel, and the other hand is holding his phone. He is has a half smirk on his face, as he is reading the message on his phone.

0:19- This is an overview of the mans car coming to a stop at the intersection. From the scene before you know he is still looking at his phone. There is pedestrians crossing the road, and it seems like the nice man is going to hit them. The area looks like it is down town. The people crossing the street are women they appear to be well dressed. There is a lady in blue sitting on a bench next to the mans car. It appears to me that she is waiting for a bus.

0:20-0:21- A red car with his passenger window down pulls up next to the man, and he smiles at him but quickly realizes the nice man is on his phone. So the guy in the car next to him changes his facial expression to a look of disappointment. He has on a green hoodie he looks casual.

0:22-0:23- The man is looking at his phone smiling. The man looks over to his left, and see the guy looking at him. The young man looks embarrassed to be on his phone. He has his seatbelt on. He begins to turn his head to the other direction

0:24- The man is now looking over to his right, and it is the older woman in a blue shirt that was sitting on a bench. She looks very sweet and she is smiling at him. But then she realizes he is on his phone, and she gives him a mean look. She raises her eyebrows and opens her eyes big.

0:25- The man realizes and he drops his phone and looks forward again. His face looks embarrassed like it about to get red.

0:26- The scene cuts back to the older woman and zooms in on her staring at him. It slows zooms in on her face making her seem scary.

0:27- The camera cuts back to the nice man and he drops his phone and nods his heads towards her to show he acknowledged her. Then the man looks forward and proceeds to drive away.

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