Visual Rewrite– Splash305

0:00- In this image there is an asian boy sitting on the center cushion looking at his phone on a tan, new looking leather couch, it seems to be his house. It seems that way because in the corner of the room we see a photo of what seems to be a husband and wife. There is also a thermostat, which gives the feeling of control to change has he pleases. Plus there is a fleece blanket bunched up next to him which gives off the feeling of comfort in one’s own home. He is wearing a black sweater and gray sweat pants so it might be the winter time. There is a glass door in the corner of the room and we can see what looks like a shed of some sort.

0:02- The same boy has switched places, still on his phone but now in a library. Wearing a different blue sweater but we cannot see his pants, his outfit choice still project it being winter time. He is sitting at a desk in the library with books around him but he is not reading them. The boy seems more interested in his phone rather than all the books around him. It doesn’t look like he in in a school library because all the books look to be covered in laminate, like they do in public libraries.

0:03- The boy has moved places again, this time to a gym. He is still on his phone and looks like he is doing sit-ups. He is now wearing a white T-shirt with a yellow sweat band around his head, and a watch around his wrist. Around him are free weights like a squat rack and a bench press but no people, which might suggest he enjoys working out alone or he has nobody to work out with. The expression on his face hasn’t changed in any of the scenes, he keeps the same one. He looks like he doesn’t care what is happening around him and all he’s worried about is what’s on his phone.

0:04- Now the boy has moved into what looks like a mall cafeteria, and is still on his phone. He is not worried about the people around him nor does he look like he is socializing with them, which could indicate he doesn’t like the people around him and the people he’d rather spend time with aren’t with him so he’s talking to them on his phone. He is sitting next to another boy in a red hoodie who appears to be eating maybe talking with friends. He is wearing a gray long sleeved shirt with a T-shirt underneath, which still indicates cold weather if he has to wear two types of shirts. There are strangers around him eating and talking at other tables and he seems to be the only one distracted by his phone.

0:05- The boy looks like he is at a party, maybe his birthday party because there is a cupcake right in front of him with a candle in it that’s lit. He is sitting on his phone not paying attention to the cupcake or the people around him. The people around him are all standing around him at the table, one looks to be clapping, others smiling maybe singing happy birthday and having a good time. He is wearing a nicer white blue stripped sweater but still only interested in his phone.

0:06- The boy is alone on a carousel sitting on a horse while on his phone, which could indicate he is there before it has opened to the public or he paid to have the carousel to himself. His expression is still the same and he doesn’t look to be having that much fun on a ride that is supposed to be fun. He is now wearing a cream long sleeved shirt with a T-shirt underneath still indicating the cold weather outside. He doesn’t seem to be bothered that he is alone because he has his phone.

0:07- The scene has changed to him with a girl sitting on a couch that looks fabric, maybe at her house because he had a leather couch. She has her arm on his shoulder trying to talk to him but he is only paying attention to his phone. Maybe she is his girlfriend and she is trying to get his attention but he doesn’t care, maybe she’s even upset that he isn’t paying attention to her. He is wearing the same sweater he wore in the scene at his birthday party. There are a lot cactuses behind them so maybe the girl’s parents are really into nature.

0:08- The boy is back in his house so it seems and he has his phone in his hand, the camera shot is being taken from inside the fridge and he is closing the door which could indicate he doesn’t want any of the food he saw in the fridge or he knew what he wanted, grabbed it and went.

0:09- He is now laying in his bed and is underneath the covers but still on his phone. He looks like he is hiding so maybe he’s supposed to be asleep, maybe his parents check on him throughout the night to make sure he’s in bad and getting a good night sleep. But he’d rather play on his phone.

0:09- The scene has switched to another house, maybe his friend’s house and he is standing on one side of the ping pong table, maybe he doesn’t feel like playing or doesn’t like ping pong. It looks like he is trying to film his friends playing ping pong. He is wearing a T-shirt and sweat pants, so maybe that represents that the season is changing or his friends house has the heat on blast. His facial expression has still not changed.

0:10- This scene he is on an escalator that looks like it could be in a mall and is seems to be going upward. There are no people around so maybe the mall is closing and he is still on his phone not in a rush to leave the mall. He is wearing a worn out red hat and a puffy blue winter jacket so it must still be the winter time. In the background, the lights in the mall seem to be out so maybe the mall is in fact closed.

0:11- Now it looks like he is at a party with people all around. The room is dark but lights are flashing and people are having a good time but he is on his phone paying no attention to them. Maybe he was talked into going to the party and doesn’t want to be there.

0:12- He is back laying in his bed laying on his side with the covers pulled over his head, still on his phone. There is a window next to his bed and the blinds are closed but there is light shining through so it is still daylight outside. But he is sitting in the dark alone in his room.

0:15- The scenes that I have stated above where all played again multiple times in a very fast pace.

0:16- He is now sitting in a car nn the drivers side with his phone in his hands. The car seems to be in park and he does not have his seatbelt on, so he might be waiting for someone he is also in the car alone.

0:17- The boy put his phone down on the center console and it is showing us the conversation between him and someone else. He told the other person he was driving now so he would talk to them later.

0:21- He started the car and is showed him driving away and words popped up on the screen that read “Not Here, Never Here.”

0:23- Next is showed the car continuing to drive away and another caption came up that said “Don’t Text and Drive” and then the ad was over.


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