E03 PTSD Claims

Section 16

Concussions need time to heal.
– This is a factual claim, backed up by facts that scientists have proven over and over again. After serious trauma to the brain it needs time to heal.
-Need is a claim in itself, meaning that it is imperative. Not suggested, it is a necessity.

Some of the Army’s best doctors implied that if soldiers were told they needed rest after concussions, it was going to usher in an epidemic of fakers, or retired guys claiming disability way after the fact.
– This is an opinion claim, stating that the guys in the army will want to fake concussions so they get rests.
-Best doctors is a claim in itself because they are not just ordinary doctors. They are doctors employed by the US government, and they are the some of the best at what they do.
-Usher is a term used to show something being brought in. When hearing the term usher, you think of maybe an usher at church, or an usher at a fancier event that shows you to your seat. The term usher has significant meaning because it gives us the mental image of soldiers being taken in with fake concussions, just to get leave from their duty.
– Epidemic was another word used. When we think of an epidemic, we do not just think of the definition of widespread, but we think of widespread disease, and that the diagnosis of concussions would plague the armed forces.
– to claim disability after the fact is another claim used by the author, talking about the soldiers would use this diagnosis to their advantage, and get more money out of the government

It would take a neuroscientist—or the top medical brass of an Army that builds laser cannons—to figure out that if 25 mph punches to the head cause brain damage, IED blasts that hit at 330 mph probably do too.
-This is a claim that is kind of sarcastic, but still factual at the same time.
– You can hear the sarcastic tone in the beginning, by talking about how top guys in their field, or neuroscientists can figure out a simple thing that all of us could figure out without the expensive schooling.

Eventually, Hovda’s cause prevailed.
-This is a claim explaining that all of the hard work Hovda did, did not go unnoticed, and he succeeded
-The author used the word prevailed as more of an accomplished tone.

Reforms came seven years into the Iraq War, after Caleb and a million other soldiers were already home.
– This claim shows that Caleb and the rest of the millions of soldiers didn’t reap the harvest of the groundwork that they laid.

When people ask Hovda if they’re gonna get better, he encourages them that they’re gonna get different.
– This claim by Hodva is his opinion on the subject, and how his experiences have affected his life.

The human brain has an enormous amount of plasticity. New cells are born every day. New connections can be made. The good news is, teleologically speaking, if we didn’t have the ability to recover from brain injury, we’d have ended up as somebody’s breakfast.
-This is a long, factual claim made by Hodva, talking about the human body, and his experience with the rehab that was necessary for him to function day to day, and get his life back on track.
-New connections can be made is a claim, talking about how PTSD isn’t exactly curable, but things can be fixed little by little.
-We’d have ended up as somebody’s breakfast is a strong, visual image that is a claim. Hodva puts the image of a braindead person being eaten by someone else for breakfast into our minds. This is done to show how lucky we are that our minds can repair themselves.

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