E03 Critical Reading–todayistheday

Section 19

“There’s a little town with no stoplights by the name of Republic.”

  • Little town with no stoplights: gives image of quaint small town with a southern drawn out peaceful pace.
  • Visual: creates an image of a quiet, calm atmosphere where the hustle and bustle of traffic does not exist. 
  • Republic: this word means that members have equality amongst them.  From the tone of the article you can sense there isn’t equality amongst all members of this community. The name of the town provides irony towards the message.

“-her husband’s disability pay ended when he killed himself in 2001.”

  • ended: can be used for both the disability and his life.
  • disability pay ended: this is concerning but not shocking.
  • killed himself: shocking and disheartens reader.
  • Author uses the death of woman’s husband to disarm the reader in the morbidity of the situation. This tactic although morbid is successful.  It tilts the balance in favor of the author’s perspective.

“VVW now has more modest but no less determined facilities-“

  • More modest but no less determined: What is the measurements for more and no less? How do you compare modest and determined?
  • Categorical claim: Measuring previous VVW facilities to their current mobile and log cabin, claiming one is more modest but both are determined.
  • Claim not entirely necessary to make point clear that VVW works hard.

“Danna smiles easy but moves pretty slow because she threw her back out again.”

  • may be hurt physically but her spirit and outlook are intact.
  • Comparison: exterior smile and her interior pain.
  • Relevance between exterior of veterans and their interior pain (PTSD).

“Money has to be first. You can’t breathe without it.”

  • money is fundamental, but we were taught money shouldn’t be everything.
  • Can’t breathe without it: you suffocate with its absence.
  • Causal claim: You need money to survive.
  • Categorical: Placing money into the same category as life necessities such as food, water, shelter, oxygen.
  •   Relevance is underlying because without benefits and disabilities the only way to get better is to fork up a lot of cash.

“She NEEDS therapy”

  • wife: this article focuses on the trauma of war vets families.
  • NEEDS: in all capital letters really highlights the importance.
  • relevance to article is critical because it shows the importance of getting help for secondary trauma sufferers.

“-may take years for the verdict to come in on whether secondary trauma will be officially acknowledged as its own unique personal hell.”

  • May: suggests an unknown estimate
  • Years: plural can mean more than one year. But suggests several from the way statement is worded.
  • Verdict: judgement cast down on criminals; guilty or innocent.
  • Hell: conjures images of fiery pits of torture that we are sentenced too.
  • Substitution for verdict and hell would be more accurate as evidence and diagnose. The author carefully uses words with negative impacts. 
  • Successful

“-will cost the VA 1.7 million if he lives until 80.”

  • Will: definite
  • If: indefinite.
  • Categorical claim: he does or he doesn’t live until 80.
  • Author uses will and if into claim to cast doubt, price tag is definite but life expectancy is questionable.



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