Summaries – thebeard

1. Serious Psychological Disorders in College Students

It seems counterintuitive that college students deal with so many mental issues while at school. Many university administrators and mental health professionals have increased their awareness of these mental problems students go through. Despite different kinds of efforts from college staff, it doesn’t really lower the thought of suicide in the students during the school year. Each year more and more students start to deal many of the disorders and never want to get help. Most of the time when a student does try and get help it they are forced to leave school to try and get better or take medicine they do not want to. Sometimes this even discourages other students from coming forward and saying they don’t need help because they may not want to leave school and get better. Also many students believe that they will just get better with time, which usually does not happen.

2. Close call in death ruling of potential organ donor

It seems counterintuitive that the doctors that save lives could simply declare someone brain-dead who is nowhere close. Doctors would rather take one persons organs to donate to another than try and save the first persons life. It is very rarely a patient is wrongfully declared brain-dead; this happening could sour the public and even the ones who many depend on for organ donation. If someone in my family, that was an organ donor, was close to death but could be saved I would want the doctors to do everything in their power to save them. Doctors should not be worried about the organs that might help someone else out but worry about the person whose organs they are in the first place.

3. Where can you choose to end your life?

It seems counterintuitive that we have to give people the right to end their own life; it is terrible if someone wants to do so but it should be for a good reason. It makes more sense if someone wants to end their life if they are already dying and want to end the suffering. What if someone is going through a rough part in their life and don’t want to continue anymore? They should still be able to choose whether they want to live or die, it would be ashamed if they did end their life because of the people they would hurt by doing this, but it should be their choice. In many countries, such as the Netherlands, they have been helping people choose a way to end their life. The Netherlands is said to possibly be the best-know place to end their life in an assisted way. In the United States only some states allow assistance in death but it is only if the patient has terminally ill criteria. In most places this a choice for people, whether you take it or not it is still an option till the end.

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