1. Behavior of Social Systems

It seems counterintuitive that humans have trouble understanding themselves and how complex they are. Humans keep making the same mistake and repeating history, we can fix almost anything that has to deal with technology or any other materialistic item. However, we can not find the answer to fix our ourselves and the errors we commit. For example with technology we have a test run and see if there are any defects. Once we figure out the errors we fix the tweaks and make the same mistake again and have the technology working properly. However, with ourselves there is no test run to see what the outcome is. Even if there is a test run, we get influenced by the wrong people at times which has always a different outcome on the situation.

There are many different situations that go against the social systems which sums up how humans are uncontrollable and unpredictable. Comparing to technology or computer models they are predictable and able to control if something gets out of control. While technology is programmed by humans they come out doing the jobs they are intended for; but, for humans they try to think ahead to see of what kind of outcome could happen but their mental models are never accurate like technology where it can always be accurate just like a calculator.

2.  How the mind works

It seems counterintuitive that we try to seek for help always because we think something is wrong with us. When we do seek for help its looked upon as silliness or absurd. Phycologists have figured out ten different studies how our minds work. Some of these ten studies are hallucinations, choice blindness, brainstorming, fantasies, and the placebo effect.

There are many studies but do phycologists really know the answer to them, for some it might be true but for the other studies I believe they are wrong. Let’s start off with the hallucinations which were said are common and are considered as a mental illness, my thoughts about this subject is absurd hallucinations can happen to anyone, there is no mental illness to it. People believe what they are told, like if you take this pill you’ll feel better which in some cases might be true but that is why there is the placebo effect. There are many studies around placebos and how there are always two groups of people, one group gets the actual pill while the others get a fake pill that doesn’t do anything to your body. People’s minds are so powerful that they think that the pill is working because the doctor supposedly gave them a pill that will help them but in reality its the placebo.

Phycologists explain how fantasies reduce motivation which I find that to be false. Getting a taste of the future through fantasies help people visualize how hard they must work towards that fantasy to come true. There are many other studies that Phycologists observe and study but what if they post these articles to influence the minds of those who think they are fine but have to second guess themselves because of some article that became popular and stating some results that are similar to those who see themselves as healthy. The mind works in many different, weird but powerful ways.

3. Corruption in Figure Skating Judging

It seems counterintuitive that figure skating is considered fixed. It says that the the judges were from five other countries and they all picked Russian couple. Economist Eric Zitzewitz of Dartmouth University covers most of the story of how the judges allegedly ranked a Russian figure-skating pair in the 2002 Olympics. Though my opinion is what are the jobs of the judges; I say their jobs are to pick the best couple. This drama happens all the time just because their favorite couple didn’t win they start trying to look for an excuse why the team that won should have lost.

Zitzewitz looked in detail at all the judges from different years and said that he found out that all judges have cheated in the past not just that, every judge whose ethnicity was the same as the competitors they’d score them higher. Now what I am saying is why do people notice this one incident as a big deal if in the past it might’ve also happened and no one really made it stand out. Even if the incident did happen I bet if anyone had the chance to be a judge they would commit the same mistake of cheating.

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