Saturday Morning Check-in

Good morning, FA17 class!

Some of you have texted me for help getting access to the blog, finding the assignment, finding the sources, or asking me about rewrites, but most of you have not checked in at all, so I’m wondering how you’re progressing on your first assignment.

Just in Case

  1. Assignments are located in the Assignments menu at the top of the blog, just below the header photo of the dog who’s watching you in his sleep.
  2. Your first essay, A01: Stone Money, is due before midnight tomorrow, SUN SEP 10.
  3. You’ll submit your essay by posting it to the blog.
  4. The sources you’ll need to research your essay are located in the sidebar (the narrow band of links along the right-hand side of the blog). Find them beneath the heading A01 Sources.
  5. You’ll be graded twice on this essay. A01 is Stone Money, a graded first draft. A04 will be your Stone Money Rewrite, a chance to improve both your essay and your grade.
  6. You can receive early feedback on your first draft by posting early. (It’s getting late to post early.)
  7. If you can’t log in to the blog, you probably haven’t accepted your invitation. Find the second email WordPress sent you during our first class. It contains a link you need to follow to accept the invitation.
  8. I love to help students who show commitment and take initiative. If you need anything at all, or something you’re reading here doesn’t make sense, email or text me (856) 979-6653 before noon on Sunday.

Author: davidbdale

Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.

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