Not Enough Authors


We did our best to sign every up for the blog in our first class, WED SEP 06, but were only partly successful. At the moment, the following authors have usernames. I stripped out the numbers you needed to use to make them unique.

  • alaska
  • collegegirl
  • chandlerbing
  • flyerfan
  • jadden
  • killroy
  • lifeissublime
  • nathandetroit
  • neweditionlover
  • pdqlover
  • phillygirl
  • rainbow
  • splash
  • theadmiral
  • thebeard
  • theintern
  • unknowntrendsetter
  • yoshi

If your name is not on the list, mostly likely you haven’t yet responded to your invitation. You received a SECOND email from WordPress during class saying you had been invited to join the RowanCounterintuitive blog and asking you to confirm.

Don’t wait until Sunday night to discover you’re not an Author of the class blog, please. Reply to your email, or let me know you’re having a problem. I’m happy to help, but I need some time to do things right.

DAVID HODGES (where anything means anything)
856 979-6653 for voice and text


Author: davidbdale

Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.

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