Causal Rewrite-Collegekid9

Vancouver will reduce its crime rate due to addicts by making heroin more accessible. Although this doesn’t make sense, considering that this drug is illegal, it will distract the users by taking away the motivation to commit a crime to possess the drug.  Easiest alternative methods for paying for heroin are burglaries and breaking and entry. The only thing an addict can focus on is getting their fix so that they can reach their high.These addicts are having a hard time completing daily activities such as maintaining jobs, interactions, and relationships. The “Free Heroin for Addicts” program is attempting to lower the crime rate of the city by providing heroin easily so that addicts do not have to commit crimes to get the drug. The program will also keep heroin users out of the hospital by reducing the use of laced drugs and unsanitary needles.  No matter what, addiction will always be stuck in an addicts mind with the help of these clinics many may reduce the use of heroin. Also by giving a safe environment for addicts to receive it sanitary equipment the spread of diseases such as HIV and AIDS Will also reduce. The heroine that is given at the clinics is pure and it provides these programs with finding a better way to treat addiction. These clinics will let users come in and get high multiple times a day for free and will provide medical professionals to help them out. These clinics will provide a progression and stability for addicts lives. Vancouver isn’t the only place that has tried using these clinics many places in Europe have also shown great success with their programs. So in the end free heroin clinics will benefit both The community and those suffering with addiction. This may be hard for many to take, but the reality of it is that giving heroin to those with its addiction Will in return make their community whole again.


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5 thoughts on “Causal Rewrite-Collegekid9”

    1. First, it’s CAUsal.
      Next, it falls WAY short of 1000 words.
      I think I’ll wait until it shows up in the queue and you’ve had a chance to add enough material to qualify for a healthy round of feedback.


  1. Still CASual.
    Still not enough material here to warrant feedback.
    I’d like to help you, CollegeKid, but you have to show some effort here to create a first draft worthy of the name. You’re calling this your Rewrite, but it doesn’t yet qualify as an initial Causal Argument. Time is running out for help.


  2. Getting very late, CollegeKid.
    I’m taking you off the feedback list. You’ve come to the top several times but without a draft to review. Ask again when you’ve posted 1000 words or so, with citations.


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