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Thesis:Based on current research, these acts of violence involve citizens who are also African American. In this paper, I will discuss how African American males are historically targets of these senseless acts.

So while people are scared for their lives and trying to figure out while they are not being protected by the people that took a oath to protect all citizens are now doing the opposite.  People are afraid of there lives , even when a officer pull them over for a example they will each out both hands up in the air and say don’t shoot. The reason for this because they are scared of their lives since their have been too many police shootings in the past.

Many citizens  such as African Americans believe that the past history of what their ancestors went through is reoccurring , instead of improving it self.  In certain cases they  law enforcement officer who have proof against time knowing he did it , tends to get all the charges to drop and is set free. This make everyone things that African Americans don’t have a spot in this world after 100 of years of slavery.



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