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0:00- A decently groomed white man wearing a button down shirt and tie is standing in a rather standard looking house as determined by the generic cupboards behind him. Based on his appearance and current location, he seems to be doing okay for himself. He is most likely a middle class worker. As he is about to put some sort of food in his mouth, Button Down day dreams to himself.

0:01- Button Down puts the food in his mouth and begins chewing on it.

0:02- The shot changes to show more of the area. Button Down is standing in a kitchen, and also is holding a plate in his left hand. A woman is reading a newspaper. There is another plate and a glass of orange juice in front of her. Due to the lighting and nature of the meal, it appears that the two are eating an early breakfast in the morning. Perhaps they are getting ready to go out to work, which means the woman could be Button Down’s wife.

0:03- This frame focuses in on Button Down cleaning his plate with the faucet water and a sponge.

0:04- The next shot is of the woman’s face as she is watching Button Down cleaning the dishes. This makes her smile indicating that she is happy how responsible Button Down is and maybe also indicating that they have a happy marriage together.

0:05- The scene changes to Button Down being outside, walking towards his car when he notices an older man on their front yard struggling with a tangled cable. Since his car is right next to the house of the older person, it can safely be assumed this is Button Down’s neighbor. Button Down has most of his body in the direction of his neighbor clearly showing a lot of concern for them, which could mean they are about to go in that direction and help them out. Button Down’s house is noticeably less nice and taken care of as his neighbor’s. The neighbor’s hedges are recently cut and well groomed while Button Down’s hedges and bushes look like they belong in an exotic jungle.

0:06- Button Down is fully turned to face the elderly man and has brought his hand up to get the attention of him. It is now even more obvious that Button Down is planning to assist his neighbor with the tangled cable. Despite the lack of care for himself, as seen by the way his front yard looks, Button Down shows a sense of selflessness by helping his neighbor. Button Down must be a very caring guy, even if he cares little for his own appearance.

0:07-0:08- The shot changes one of Button Down spraying water on his neighbor’s hedges while the neighbor is watching him. The neighbor is smiling, clearly happy that Button Down is helping him with his yard work. Considering that it is not his job, and he might even be late for work, this act further solidifies Button Down as a selfless man.

0:09- The scene changes to someone taking a coffee container off its hotplate. The color of the background is grey so it is possible this is either a work environment or a diner.

0:10- The next frame has Button Down and three co-workers in what appears to be a break room. Two of his co-workers are male, and the other female. One of the male co-workers is sitting alone while the other two are sitting together with Button Down standing above them pouring the female co-worker a cup of coffee. This is yet another selfless act from Button Down which continues to show his great character.

0:11- The next frame is a closer shot showing how happy the female co-worker is that Button Down is pouring her a cup of coffee. She shows her appreciation with an almost comical smile.

0:12-0:13- The woman is now drinking her coffee as the male co-worker beside her shows his satisfaction on how well the coffee tastes by having another comical look of satisfaction and then pointing at his mug. This is all directed to Button Down which shows that not only did he pour coffee into everyone’s mugs, but he also may have made the coffee himself. Up to this point, Button Down has oddly not made eye contact with any of the people he has helped out.

0:14- Button Down is now in a line at a grocery store holding several items in front of the cashier. He has tilted his head while looking at the older man beside him in order to tell the older gentleman to get in front of him.

0:15- The older man has raised his hand to show he is only holding a pineapple. This means that Button Down realized that the person beside him would not be very long, and in fact did not want to waste this other customer’s time since Button Down is carrying several items. The older man has also begun to walk in front of the man. For the first time, Button Down has made eye contact with another person, but not for very long.

0:16- Button Down is now driving in the car, but he has his head looking below at the seat next to him. Most likely, his phone went off for some reason which caught his attention.

0:17- The next shot is that of the phone which clearly has a notification on the screen. The notification reveals that the noise was most likely a text message since there is no call screen on the phone at the moment. Within the frame, Button Down is also reaching for the phone with one of his hands in order to respond to the text.

0:18- Button Down has brought up the phone to a good level in order to read the text. There is a grin on his face showing that it must have been a funny message. The man is no longer looking at the road however, which is a dangerous thing to do. This action also betrays everything the man has done before which were all responsible and selfless acts.

0:19- The next frame has Button Down’s car pulling up to a red light from a bird’s eye view. There is a red car beside him, a black woman sitting on the bench to the right of his car. There are two female pedestrians crossing the road and other pedestrians near a building towards the top of the shot.

0:20- The next shot shows us the man who is driving the red car that is beside the Button Down’s car. His windows are open showing that he is looking right into Button Down’s car with his mouth open and a face that expresses subtle surprise. The view even shows Button Down looking at his phone out of focus. This confirms that Red Car is rather surprised, maybe even disappointed that the man beside him is texting while driving a vehicle.

0:21- The red car driver has changed his facial expression to show more clear disappointment in Button Down.

0:22- The shot is a close up of Button Down’s face who is no longer looking at his phone, but has turned his head to look out of his window. Most likely he has noticed that Red Car is staring at him. However, he has not fully noticed him yet, because he still appears rather happy.

0:23- Button Down has clearly made full eye contact with Red Car, because his face changes to a nervous look. Ignoring the brief moment of eye contact in the grocery scene, this is the first moment of extensive eye contact between Button Down and another person. This is no doubt done intentionally, because this is a moment of character betrayal. Button Down has done something against his character, and as such is really taking in what people think of him.

0:24- Button Down has now turned his head in the other direction to make full eye contact with the black woman who is sitting at the bench. The woman is looking directly at Button Down while frowning. Similarly to Red Car, this woman shows clear disappointment with Button Down’s decision to text while driving a car. Her face is very scary looking, but still in a rather comedic fashion.

0:25- Button Down is now seen looking away from the woman with his phone no longer beside him in the shot. He must have put it away as soon as he realized what he is doing was wrong. His face still clearly shows concern since he is being judged by others around him. He has gone back to not making eye contact with people, as he is clearly afraid of their judgement and would rather not think about it.

0:26-0:27- The next shot is a close up of the woman frowning at Button Down, further driving home the disappointment she feels with him texting while driving. These comedic facial expressions are seemingly used to express that Button Down is not a bad person, but he did make a bad decision. Button Down should not be condemned for what he has done, but rather reconsider for the next time such a situation arises.

0:28-0:30- Button Down is looking at the woman again with his face and tucked lips showing that he is embarrassed with what he did. Texting while driving is an irresponsible thing to do. Even though Button Down has proven to be a selfless person through noble acts of kindness, this does not make texting while driving any less wrong.

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