Visual Rewrite- Beyonce1234

Donate To Food Banks

0:00- There is a boy, assuming to be about nine or ten years old. This boy has short light brown hair with white skin. He is wearing a light blue shirt and looks like he is walking somewhere on a sidewalk. He is also wearing a grey backpack which can be assumed that he goes to school and is either walking home or to school. The setting looks like a sunny day in the suburbs. There is a street with no cars, though maybe there are vehicles down the street but who knows. The background is unclear because the camera is focused on the back side of this boy’s head. We can see that he is also walking on the right side of the street.

0:01- The camera angle is still focused on the back of the boy’s head, but now angled more on the right side of him. There is yet to see this boy’s face. In this shot, there is now a fence in the background with some bushes. It looks like he is entering a yard, opening the gate. The fence isn’t wood or brick, but only thin wire.

0:02-0:03- The boy now enters a house, assuming it is his parents’ or guardian’s. We now see his body from the knees down. He is wearing average jeans with average tennis shoes. The door is light blue, and the floors are tile.

0:04- The boy enters a kitchen while ripping off his backpack, assuming after a long day at school. The clock in the back read 3:35, so this theory can be assumed. The camera is placed in a room next to the kitchen but as if the audience is watching the child from inside that room. The kitchen is average as well. There is a table with chairs in the center, and a counter and sink in the back with a big window above. There is also a silver, two-door refrigerator. The floor is black and white tile. In the room we are watching from, there is a painting of hand prints on the wall. Maybe it is one of each children living in that house, therefor six children living there, or the one child’s hand several times, in several colors. It is hard to tell, but the hands are all the same size. Beside the picture, there are some color pencils of some sort, assuming the boy likes to draw or color often. There is also some counters and cabinet space in this room as well.

0:05-0:06- The boy then opens one side of the refrigerator. We can now see that there is some art work that has been attached with magnets. We can assume that the boy might have made them in school. From the new angle of the camera, from a floor view, we can see that the table only has two chairs. This could indicate there are only two people living in that house, and the boy might have just one parent.

0:07- We can now see what is inside of the refrigerator and it’s not much at all. There are three containers of some sort of left over food. There is one container of a dip perhaps. One jar of salsa and a box filled with some substance that is unknown because of the angle of it. We can also see a part of the back of the boy’s head, and we can tell he is looking at the same things we are.

0:08-0:09- Here the audience can see the boys face through the opening between the door of the refrigerator and the side of the refrigerator. His face looks disappointed at what he sees. His eyes are looking down and his face, as a whole, doesn’t look pleased.

0:10- 0:11- The camera changes again to a view of the whole refrigerator, and we can now see some condiments on the door. The boy looks over at them and back quickly. We can now see another shelf in the refrigerator that has three more little containers with some sort of left over food. Over all, the refrigerator doesn’t look very appetizing.

0:12- The boy then steps upon one of the wooden chairs that he placed in front of the counter and some of the cabinets. We can assume he has closed the refrigerator door and moved the chair to see what other kinds of food are in the cabinet. The camera is back to just about where it was when it was in the other room, next to the kitchen. We can see more of a child’s art work on the front of the refrigerator too.

0:13-0:14- Now, the boy opens up the cabinet door. We can see what’s inside because the camera is now behind the boy’s head, but it is focused on the cabinet itself. We can see some flour and spice on two shelves in the cabinet. There might be some sugar and meat seasoning, but there’s not much, or at least not many items a child around nine or ten can put together for a snack.

0:15- The new camera angle points right into the face of disappointment. His hazel/green eyes still looking into that cabinet, waiting for his favorite snack to magically appear. His lips not looking like they are going to smile anytime soon.

0:16-0:17- We are back to the camera angle in the next room looking into the kitchen. The boys seems to have just gotten down from the chair and starts to head out of the room from where he came in the first place. We can still see the disappointment on his face as well. The audience can tell that he knows that there is nothing to eat, but it seems like he is used to it. He might be leaving because there is no more hope for anything good to happen in that room. It seems like the boy accepts the fact that there is no food, and he will have to wait until later to eat. The boy might be finding something else to do with his free time he has since eating is out of the picture.

0:18- This is a new angle of the boy walking out of the room. It is closer to his face, and the audience can now see only his upper body. Here, we see the boy taking one last, quick look at the refrigerator while leaving. He looks at it up to down, looking very disappointed and scared because of not knowing when he will eat. The boy then walks out of view.

0:19-0:24- The commercial then cuts to an older lady, around 30, facing the camera. She is standing in that same kitchen, speaking to the camera. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes. She is wearing a shirt with a pink pattern and a navy blue blazer. In the corner of the screen, there are the words “Feeding America” in orange and green writing. The lady then talks to the camera for about five seconds.

0:25-0:30- For the rest of the commercial, the logo of the organization is presented in large words. It says “Feeding America” with their website “” underneath. The audience can assume that the people of the commercial would like the audience to visit the website and find out more about this organization.

This commercial clearly indicates that there is an issue with hunger. Children come home hungry from a long day of school and have very little to eat or no food at all. This commercial is an advertisement for an organization that feeds the hungry. By the title of the video, we know that the boy could not find food because there is no food at the local food banks. Because of that, the woman at the end was most likely saying something along the lines as to why people should donate, most likely with a depressing fact about child hunger.

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