Visual Rewrite-ballsohard83

0:01-0:03 –

The Ad opens up with a man who seems to be devastated while he is inside of an ambulance. He has tears coming from his eyes and he has a bloody bandage on his forehead as if he is injured. There are two nurses a male and a female who are assisting another person on a stretcher. The camera then zooms in on his heart rate monitor and it is decreasing.


The devastated man in the ambulance then has this guilty look on his face, but  we don’t quite know what seems to be the scenario. He is rubbing his head and sobbing as if he just killed someone. The camera then zooms in on the man laying on the stretcher as one of the nurses put an oxygen mask on his injured face. The man on the stretcher looks to be in a very bad condition. One of the nurses uses a defibrillator on the wounded man. Meanwhile the other weeping man is still ranting off, and the woman nurse looks at the man with such a disturbed look on her face.


Both of the nurses then look at eachother then back at the deviated man with a smirk. They have a look on their face which is a sign of relief as if what the man said was good news. The lady nurse then lifts the defibrillator.


The man on the stretcher arises from the mat and looks around the room. The camera then zooms in on the injured man on the stretcher and he has a brace around his neck with blood all over. When he rises he looks as if he was a vampire awakening from the inside of a coffin. He then looks at the nurses and the man who is devastated as if he is perfectly fine and ready to go immediately. The devastated man then looks amazed beyond belief as if he had just seen a ghost. His face goes from completely crying and sobbing to dazed and confused.


The man on the stretcher then falls back down onto the stretcher. The male nurse then gives the devastated man a sarcastic look and puts the gas mask onto the patient. The lady nurse puts the defibrillator back onto the mans chest and continues to operate. The man who was calmed down by the surprise of the man on the stretcher then immediately starts crying again. He puts his head down in disappointment. Then a quote comes on the screen which states “Buzzed driving is drunk driving” .

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