It seems counterintuitive that multivitamins could not have positive benefits. As a kid my Mother made me take multivitamins because she told me they would help me grow and keep me healthy. But today with so many super foods being sold at grocery stores, it may be unnecessary for someone to take a multivitamin. One example would be that with the new popularity of organic fruits and vegetables, it may be unnecessary to take in more vitamins. Taking too many vitamins can also have negative effects on someone so for everyone to take a multivitamin everyday might not be a smart idea.

It seems counterintuitive that the best way to help heroin addicts is to give them heroin. Heroin has plagued Vancouver for many years. This problem is not something that recently emerged. This free heroin is a form of so called “damage control.” It is important to note that doctors are not prescribing free recreational heroin. This “free heroin” program is only for those who cannot and will not recover from their addiction. It is not uncommon to hear on the news that a drug addict broke into a home or robbed a store trying to get drug money. Keeping these people content can prevent many of these burglaries. Giving heroin to addicts may seem like a bad idea at first but everyone should look into the idea before they dismiss it as illogical.
It seems counterintuitive that parents would have a reason not to vaccinate their child for polio. Polio is a devastating disease, being vaccinated against it should be something every parent wants for their child right? Well many people in Nigeria were boycotting the vaccine in 2003 because there was a rumor that Western countries were putting the HIV virus and cancer causing agents in the polio vaccine. Some people in Nigeria believed that the Western World was against Islam. While there was no evidence of this, it was enough to persuade people not to want to get their child vaccinated. This rumor prevented parents from getting their child vaccinated and it is such a shame for someone to have polio today because it can be prevented with just one shot.

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