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When growing up in a multiracial household you are accepted by both families as soon leave that safety you become an outcast. Multiracial people do not belong anywhere they face discrimination more than anyone race because they are not in the same position as anyone race person.

They may hold feature of one race but the skin color of another because of that they should not be held in a position where they are put in one category.

Being multiracial is seen as the best of both worlds in many people’s eyes as they can experience a culture without the oppression that comes with it. But in reality, multiracial people are born into the world with the idea that they are more privileged than the oppressed race. This is not true, they are experiencing if not more discrimination as they cannot express themselves. They are told they dress wrong or talk too much like one race when they appear to be from another.

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  1. Naturalist, I don’t doubt a word you say, but I’m unpersuaded by your argument on fundamental technical grounds.

    This causal argument is really the early stage of working out a thesis, and it’s more memoir than research paper (or at least, so it sounds). If it is in fact memoir, we can work with that, but we should do so deliberately and effectively, presenting first-person experience AS EVIDENCE, supported by academic research wherever it can be found.

    If it’s the start of a research paper, not a memoir at all, we can work with that too, but we should do so by DEPENDING ENTIRELY on reason, logic, and ACADEMIC SOURCES.

    I’m with you here, Naturalist. I’m not giving up on this topic. But it’s still just a topic, not yet a thesis, and the time to nail down your specific claims is nigh. Past nigh.

    If these were my three paragraphs, I’d consolidate them into one rhetorical argument that avoids the ambiguous second- and third-person “you” and “they” language in favor of a more direct “we” address.

    I’ve got news for anyone who thinks growing up biracial is a win-win. It’s a lose-lose. If we’re accepted by both families at home—and that’s a big IF—we’re almost surely rejected when we leave the house. We don’t belong anywhere. Life is particularly hard for those of us who have “minority” features and “majority” skin color. Our minority friends, colleagues, classmates think we’ve got it made because we can “pass.” But to the majority, we’re still the “other.” No matter how we present who we are, everyone insists we’re “trying to be” something we’re not.

    That’s a little long for a thesis statement, TheNaturalist. But it’s a thesis statement. If you can adopt that as your starting point and craft your paper as a “first person argument informed by personal experience,” a sort of “researched memoir,” I think you can create something important and wonderful.

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