Robust Verbs – DudeInTheBack

People are welcome to walk into the hospital when in need of care, but not all will be treated equally due to the individual’s disadvantages or advantages. It’s not that doctors are biased towards the patients. It is very seldom that the first priority of the doctors is not the well-being of patients, yet why is there an unequal amount of treatment among people of different groups such as race, income, and social class? By analyzing surveys taken by patients, there is no doubt health disparities are apparent in hospitals. The problem of that roots back to the patient’s privilege. One of the privileges of people with wealth is the ability to communicate more effectively, and though communication between doctors and patients is often overlooked by people, it makes a huge influence on the doctor’s decisions and performance. Therefore, people with strong communication skills are usually able to get the most out of the doctor’s abilities.

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