PTSD Claims- Doublea


Categorical- “.. or that it can it can exacerbate its symptoms of exhaustion, agitation, confusion, headaches.”

  • It is a categorical claim because it lists the symptoms of having TBI. TBI is a traumatic brain injury.

Casual- “Researchers posit that TBI can make the brain more vulnerable to PTSD…”

  • This is a casual claim because it lists a certain circumstance, they’re saying since the patient has a TBI they are more susceptible to having PTSD.

Casual- “James Peterson’s post-injection chill-out wore off after a month, faster than it does for other patients—maybe because of his TBI.”

  • This is a casual claim because they cannot prove that James Peterson’s PTSD was a factor in his recovery, but it shows a cause and effect that maybe because of his PTSD his recovery was so much quicker than others.

Factual-  ‘Maybe not. Either way, as for TBI, well, “there is no cure,” says David Hovda, director of UCLA’s Brain Injury Research Center and an adviser to the Department of Defense.’

  • Even though it is just one doctor saying “there is no cure” it is still a factual claim because it is a factual statement that there is indeed no cure to TBI.

Factual- “In one small study, trauma victims given beta-blockers within six hours of the incident had a 40 percent less likelihood of developing PTSD.”

  • In regards to this small study, this is a factual statement because they analyzed the data of the experiment. In analyzing the data of the experiment they were able to calculate the fact that 40 percent of the study within six hours of the incident had a less likelihood of developing PTSD.

Evaluative/Casual- “Treatment offered vets might be less effective than what’s offered to civilians with trauma. With veterans, there are important concomitant issues.”

  • In evaluating vets this is an evaluative claim because doing these studies they encountered that veterans have a harder time with PTSD because of the experiences and issues they faced in war.
  • This is also a casual claim because although they have evaluated the veterans and although the claim does seem reasonable it is not a proven factual claim yet.





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