PTSD Claims- tjjones123


“In a family system, every member of that system is going to be impacted, most often in a negative way, by mental-health issues.”

  • Will “EVERY” member be impacted?
  • FAMILY– refers to relatives you live with all the time, what about friends and relatives you see often but not every day will they be impacted?
  • MOST OFTEN- is the majority of the time, however what are the other instances are there positive ways of being impacted?


“Children are “usually not” treated, but when necessary referred to child psychiatrists”

  • Why aren’t children treated just as adults or other adolescents are treated, can’t they develop the same issues?
  • CHILDREN- are usually under the age of 13, do 13+ go adult treating or do they not get treated at all?
  • Why do they get sent to psychiatrists?


“The Army only helps families of active-duty personnel.”

  • Why won’t they helped those who terms are up?
  • Just because they aren’t serving currently doesn’t mean they never did why don’t they deserve help anymore?


“When I asked the VA if the organization would treat kids for secondary trauma, its spokespeople stressed that it has made great strides in family services in recent years, rolling out its own program for couples’ counseling and parenting training.”

  • TREAT KIDS- the response was about family services and parenting instructions still no help for the kids suffering.


“If you asked the VA to treat your kids, they would think it was nonsense”

  • Why are they so against helping the kids of these families?
  • Being a child in the situation could be just are hard as a spouse and they should get the treatment they need.


“Our goal is to make the parents the strongest parents they can be”

  • How is this going to help or benefit the children that are affected?
  • What is the definition of a strong parent?


“You’re on your own”

  • If you don’t follow their guidelines and rules thats it you’re on your own.

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