My hypothesis-amongothers13

1.) Education

2.)  The lack of education

3.) The effects of the lack of education on families

4.) Many countries do not provide the financial resources needed to create schools and provide materials

5.) This means that both children from rich and poor families are forced together in an environment that does not encourage individual development

6.)  Due to the lack of education throughout the world, it leaves children with no other choice but to have a poor education. This means that the drop-out rate and education failure remains high.

3 thoughts on “My hypothesis-amongothers13”

  1. I love where you’re going with this, AmongOthers.
    But suppose I told you that your 6 was really 1.

    1. Underfunding of Public Education.

    What would be 2?

    Would you fret about the effects of 1?
    Or would you warn about the catastrophe of 1?
    Or would you demand a remedy to 1?

    Let me offer an example to tweak your thinking.
    In the United States, public education is funded by local property taxes.
    Rich communities pour much more resources into local public education than poor communities can afford to spend. Therefore, schoolkids in poor communities attend underfunded schools. Rich kids, who already have significant advantages in life, are given the added advantage of well-funded public education.

    That’s a MUCH MORE NARROW topic than the one you’ve landed on. It might not be the topic you want to pursue, but it’s an example of how you need to apply your broad analysis to a thesis so specific it can be fairly addressed in 3000 words. As it stands, your 6 is global and WAY TOO BROAD.


  2. I regret that you did not respond to my comments here, AO, but that small disappointment is now moot. We don’t need this post anymore, and you’ve clearly reacted to my feedback by making a good show of narrowing your topic in your White Paper.

    From now on, we can ignore this post. Its purpose was to get the ball rolling. Any further revisions or enhancements to your Hypothesis can be accomplished inside your White Paper, which is already showing considerable progress. Keep up the good work.


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