Purposeful Summary- branxmad

  1. Men Defining Rape: A History

It seems counterintuitive that men are defining rape against women. Throughout time, rape had different meanings and act of rape itself was not always seen as an assault. The laws provide against rape greatly relate to the era in which the laws were placed. Because of the different historical periods, laws on rape were constantly changing. In January of 2012, the most current definition of rape was updated by the FBI and includes different forms of sexual assault and assault on other genders.


  1. How the Mind Really Works

It seems counterintuitive that an individual is unaware of what goes on in their own mind. Beliefs that one many have about their thoughts has been confirmed as inaccurate according to the Psychological studies conducted throughout the years. Becoming familiar with the content of these studies provides insight on how you live your everyday life, including how you make decisions, perceive authority figures, planning out the day and performing tasks.


  1. Serious Psychological Disorders in College Students

It seems counterintuitive that college-aged students suffer many different psychological disorders during their time in college. Disorder such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and ADHD are becoming more prevalent in students. The cause of these rising disorders could be due to the economy, making it harder for students and their families to pay for a college education. In addition, due to the increase of students facing these disorders, finding, providing and maintaining treatment is becoming more difficult. Making alternative resources available is greatly encouraged to students who may not be able to find help on their own.



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