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Technology is the helping hand in humanity. Without technology who knows where mankind would be today.Now in present time, the latest and newest technology is the microchip or other known as the RFID chip. This microchip/RFID chip is microscopic chip that can be embedded into our bodies for human monitoring . This can be in the eyes of a company to monitor our movements or actions. Another place where are most useful is to monitor   our medical emergencies and they can the new replacement for medical emergency bracelets. This new gadget can is worn daily and they is no everyday removal once the microchip is planted then if a person would life it removed than they will need to have it surgical removed.

The  benefits of the RFID/microchip implanted into humans is for monitoring  new/old  employee, its a form of tracking them making sure they aren’t wasting the companies time. This new device can track and monitor the person whom it is in. The employer can view what is employee is doing at anytime of the day and this can viewed as a employee productive. According to Saumya Sharma this device can “RFID Based Employee Monitoring System (EMS) would allow complete hands-free access control, monitoring the whereabouts of employee and record the attendance of the employee as well.”(Sharma 1).  This new devices can give a new incite of being a boss and knowing every move that there employees are doing. This will make the employers employees more productive because they know that they are being watched at all times of the day causing them to focus more on their duties at hand instead of slacking off more than they normally would. It will also take and keep track of employees attendance and keep track of who is late and who will be on time. This could be use as new way to keep their employees from getting raise and other incentives. This new system could create the perfect work environment. An the employees can also take advantages of this new device as well.With it they can they can access their  office door with easy or with a wave a hand they can pay for their lunch. One of the workers from Three Squared Market has nothing but good things to say for this device knowing that it is a constant monitoring there movements in and out of work. The employe of Three Squared Market Danna said “I don’t want to carry a wallet with me anymore. Actually, I forgot my wallet today. I didn’t even bring it to work. It’d be nice to be able to get some lunch. But you got your wallet, you got your key, your company badge. Now forget about all of that. That’s all in that implant in your hand,”. She also stated that they have been receiving calls from other companies wanting to start implanting there employees as well.

In the article written by  Healthcare IT they discussed the what if the medical bracelet would be replaced by the microchip. It would become the new medical bracelet and will only have access to medical emergency information only and not have access to all of our bank information, personal information as well. They have suggested that it would be safer if it only contained information about our medical information, this way our doctor can be the only person to reader our RFID chips with the RFID chip reader. According to the article written by Molly Merrill they said “The VeriChip is the only medical device that is guaranteed to always be with you to provide your identification and medical records information in an emergency situation.” This way it can still monitor our movements and keep track of our medical information.

The other benefits of the microchip is that can have access to all of our bank accounts and all of our personal information. With this new feature it will be easier to do all types of daily activities. Such as a person will be able to access their car without keys or they will be able pay for a item without having their wallet or any kind of currency on them. In  Barcelona there is a club that has been giving their customers a choices if they would like to receive the device or not. With the benefits of having this device they will be able to gain entree into the VIP section. Also they will be safer from any kind of danger that leaving the club after midnight offers. It is safer because it allow the clubbers to travel and have fun with out have money just in case they run into trouble. The  RFID that they would offer wouldn’t have access to their bank accounts. It would just rack up charges on the bar tab and they would just have to pay for them at the end the month like any other bill.

The RFID microchip is the latest and newest form of technology out there. It just gives human kind an extra hand and helps us out in our daily lives. It will soon become mandatory for everybody to the microchip implanted and when that occurs then everyone will soon rely on it for completing simple task. Technology is helping but can also be hurting  us in the end.

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  1. Jonhjelly, I have color coded your text to demonstrate how little of it is truly useful and how much of it should be eliminated in a good edit. I apologize for being so graphic, but you may not have gotten the message that brief, concise, specific claims and evidence are the way to excel in academic essays. You don’t make a single actual citation in your essay, and you don’t include a Works Cited to indicate what sources you used to support your claims, so it has to automatically fail as an assignment, but more importantly there aren’t many claims here to support. The chip can be used to open car doors or office doors, provide access to personal information, or identify us as VIPs at a club in Barcelona. Any popular article from a tech magazine could provide that simple list in a single paragraph. You haven’t focused your attention yet on a meaningful argument of consequence. Your final paragraph hints that you DO have one in mind, but you haven’t begun to explore it yet. There are serious ethical considerations to be wrestled with here. Employers who mandate a chip (or who seduce their employees into having one for convenience) will do MUCH MORE than “help” their employees be more productive, and you know it. I hope you’ll use the next few days to whip this paper into something more worthy of your time and effort.


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