“Who Owes Who, Child or Adult”

My research is about family responsibilities when the family has a disabled child. To be clear it is not easy, having to care for the disabled child 24/7 these responsibilities may fall on any family member such as mother, father, sibling or grandparents. Being in that situation can cause stress and tension in the family. Family member may sometimes think it is not fair and the disabled child may have the same thought but coming from different point of views.

In a “normal” family when the parents get of age and need help caring for themselves the children step in and provide care for them or they choose other options if necessary in most situations.When a mother a father have a disabled child, and that child is the only child they have, what happens when they get old and need to be cared for? What happens to the disabled child who needs to be cared for? Yes, there are plenty of other options that can be put into place but what if that is not the families wishes. The responsibilities extend to other family members such as aunt’s, uncles and cousins.

My point is a child who is able or disabled has to obligation to “return the favor” to their parents unless negotiated between the child and patent. But Im rebutting that it is not fair for a disabled child to “return the favor.” It may or may not be the child or parents fault the child is disabled but it is something the family has to live with. Why should a disabled child have to “return the favor” when they wish to not be disabled and think it is unfair.

Works Cited

One thought on “Rebuttal—pdqlover”

  1. You haven’t actually cited either of these mysterious works you linked in your Works Cited, PDQ, so I can’t tell what it is you gained by researching them. One takes me to the full text of an article that studied “the effects of social factors on adult children caring for parents.” The other took me to just the “launch” page for an article about Ugandans caring for disabled children. I couldn’t access it from your page, so the link is pretty useless. And since you don’t mention it in your argument, I can’t begin to know what value it had for you. Your argument here amounts to little more than a rhetorical question: Why should children have to repay a debt they didn’t ask to incur?


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