Rebuttal – college girl

Although tons of people care about the acts of police brutality and the effects it has on young black men, others seems to think differently. When the topic of police brutality is brought up in conversation, some seem to speak so soft about the topics, when in reality, it’s something that is effecting our nation as a whole. Our recent president, Barack Obama saw this effect, and decided to take the necessary steps in helping young black men, providing them with support and guidance to help them with their future. Not only did he want to help them with their future, but to help them realize that there is more to life than what is actually happening with police brutally, and not to let that act of violence, stop them from believing that they can make a change.

There have been many cases where white police officers get away with police brutality against black males. When people try to talk about it, the conversation either gets really heated or just extremely soft, soft meaning the people who are discussing the act of violence, don’t really care at all about it. In a recent article, the author said that urban communities are not a mess only because of police, but other things too! This does not make sense. In fact, police are the reason why urban neighborhoods are the way they are now. Police officers make the black communities feel like they have to be on edge when they come around. Their scared, nervous and intimidated. Something can happen at any moment in time with a police officer and a black male, whether they are doing something good or bad. Some people in this world just take police brutality so likely when it actually really is effecting the world we live in.

Barack Obama is making a change to this problem though. He his helping the young black communities create a place where their young men can have guidance and support in fulfilling their dreams. He is making it a point to make it a point to them that their is something bigger in this world then what they are seeing everyday within their communities, between violence, drugs, and other things in that nature.

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