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Collegiate Varsity Esport teams are not highly skilled

AVGL hosted a League of Legends tournament for the Fall 2017 semester. This tournament had over a hundred teams and from the results of the tournaments, I am able to state that varsity teams are not nearly high skilled as they should be. It is not that the varsity team is not equipped with proper equipment to play at the highest skillset, it is that coaches or the players are just not doing their roles correctly.


Coaches are an important aspect of sports and esports, they are the ones to help the player get better, however esports coaches have a lot of work to put into. This is because for esport titles or moba games, the meta changes. Meta is something we call as a ‘standard’ things to do this version of the game, so our coaches have to stay on top of it. Along with that, doing the math for building items in games and assessing player damage etc… is a very big aspect of these types of games. So that could very well be the problem for the teams, coaches not being able to coach properly just because it is very time consuming. They are students first, and athletes second.

Most varsity programs offer some type of scholarship so how does teams work for stuff like this. Most teams are compromised to fill the basic minimum slot, for example five main players and usually three subs. Eight player rosters, but in the gaming industry roster changes are very common. School and coaches should be willing to kick members from their teams if they are not performing well. This is a tough choice for gaming teams because we rely on team synergy, because this game requires heavy communication its hard to toss a player in and expect them to understand how each of their teammates play and communicate at their level. So team compositions are a huge factor for these varsity teams.  I think the best solution is to be very picky about their players, hold a much more difficult tryouts and create a higher incentive for students to enter the team.

Another cause for varsity teams not being as high skilled as they should be is they dont have enough practice. Teams practice several hours a day, but are they are not practicing at the right skill level. The problem is due to the lack of varsity teams in collegiate esports they don’t or can’t practice with other schools and if they do, they could always just be a bad team. So getting practice from playing ‘ranked’ games are not effective enough for the players, they need to practice against pro teams. And this is what pro teams do, they ‘scrim’ against other pro team, this creates an equal skill level. But as I keep iterating this over and over, the skill level for varsity teams are not high enough.  A possible solution this dilema is that they need to create multiple teams for a single school; essentially a Team A and Team B, this helps with constant practice at similar skill level, and the constant growth of several players to do player swaps if needed. Just like any other sports they need constant practice and the proper level

Focusing a bit more on team synergy, team communication is very important in esports; they need to be constantly talking and give good and relative information. With this information is up to the team captain to make calls on what to do in game. This is something that is very difficult to do, hesitating could be a serious problem. So who gets the team captain role? This is very difficult because as individual players they might be decent players but they need to be able to keep constant communication to make proper plays in game. This is different from sports because usually the calls for a play are before a game, but in esports its during it. A captain needs to be capable of making the right calls during the game, something a coach can not help with (Uuually not allowed in any competitive esports).


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4 thoughts on “Causal Argument – PlethoraGaming”

  1. Plethora, your introduction is not academic. Not all writing has to be, but for a composition class, academic, formal or informal, is the standard. Your paragraph is conversational. It could easily be an on-camera script for a vlog. Fine in its place. I should warn you, it contains not ONE, but FOUR of the most annoying annoyances that annoy me. Starting sentences with SO is appropriate ONLY IF the new sentence states a conclusion derived from the previous sentence. Yours don’t. Nails on the chalkboard.

    Here’s a more academic version of your introduction:

    At our League of Legends tournament, which I attended as a WXYZ for AVGL, I concluded that varsity teams are poorly recruited and not well coached, probably for the same reason. Schools don’t understand the games. They think all the players need is equipment, so they can’t judge the quality of their players or coaches, if they indeed have coaches. They get sponsorships from IBUYPOWER, but they lose to uncoached hobbyists.

    That’s hardly formal, but its tone is appropriate. And it says things instead of asking questions. Questions are for the researcher. You’re done with that part of the process. Now it’s time for you to SAY SOMETHING. To make claims. Back them up with evidence. Not speculate. Deliver the results.

    I’d appreciate your response.
    And I will require both response and improvement on this post before I’ll leave feedback on your other requests.


  2. Hi, I updated it to sound more academic. I felt that my tone was to raise questions early for the reader, and give my input on the problem. I did not take the academic approach for this because i felt this topic was a bit on the casual (not causual- not a typo) end, I felt that I needed to make the reader think more in depth about this topic.

    I took your advice and went with the direct approach of stating the arguments rather than provoke the reader into thinking about the other possible directions for this argument


      1. I would love some feedback regarding my research position paper, since I will make similar changes I made to this assignment to my rebuttal argument


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