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As the years go on Humanity has been taking shortcut after short cut and we’ve just became extremely lazy. Before smartphones and the internet people had to go out to the library to research. Before planes , trains, and cars people use to rid horse to way they needed to go. Over the centuries it has become clear that human are lazy and that we require inventions to make our lives easier. We need to take shortcuts, instead of working harder we work smarter. We find ways to do things that take a shorter amount of time instead of just doing what needs to be done the old fashion way.

Because humans are so lazy and we need a shortcut for almost everything in ours lives we have developed different inventions to help us with that, among them is the microchip. The microchip will change our work life and make it the perfect work environment. It can create the perfect work environment because of the constant tracking it will produce. This can include attendance, monitoring there movements in restricted areas. According to the Saumya Sharma this device could be beneficial to keep certain workers from getting access to certain areas of the office that are off limits. Sharma said “The system enable the organization to track and monitor selected individual to access locations, permit movement, record the important data and also enable the viewing of record via internet.”(Sharma 2). Also the device can limited what there workers are view on the internet. Another important aspect of the microchip and how it can create the perfect work environment is for the handicapped workers. Based on the article written by Sharma the RFID microchip reader can read up to 5 meter this will eliminate  the need to walk very close to the scanner will walking into work, making the life of a handicap person much easier.   Something that was very hard to control in the first place will be eliminated with this new technology. This new device can be the new innovation said the CEO of the company that provides this device to its workers. Toddy Westby stated “We think it’s the right thing to do for advancing innovation just like the driverless car basically did in recent months,”(Fox 3). Basically he is stating that this well be the new iPhone that everyone will need to have. Although the microchip main purpose in the work place is to monitor the employees it can also give the workers some advantages. One of the perks to having a microchip embedded in our skins is that we will never have to remember our passwords again to anything. With a swipe of a hand in seconds whatever we seek we will gain access to whatever we want. No more looking for your misplaced keys because with this new invention you will be able to  unlock and start your car in a matter of seconds. Also looking for your id for work, with this invention you can check in to your work place and you will be able to gain access to your office again with only a wave of your hand. A company has been offering this technology to their employees, Three Square Market has been giving out this to there employees and everyone who has received it has no complaints. ” “I don’t want to carry a wallet with me anymore. Actually, I forgot my wallet today. I didn’t even bring it to work. It’d be nice to be able to get some lunch. But you got your wallet, you got your key, your company badge. Now forget about all of that. That’s all in that implant in your hand,” Danna said.”(Merrill 4). This employee seemed to enjoy this invention because of its convince. It allows her to leave her wallet at home because the chip is linked to her bank account so there is no need to car it with her if she is only going to work.  Another business that has been implanting this device into their customers is the Baja Beach Club. This club is in Barcelona and has been offering this chip so that their clubber can be more safe when coming out to the club. This way they do not have to carry their id or money with them when they feel the need to come out. The club owner was thinking, this is a safer way to have people come out and enjoy the night without getting robbed or anything in the matter. He wants people to be safe when they leave his place of business.

Another way this device can increase productivity is using the system that the chip is programmed with. According to the article titles “Methods, systems, and media to improve employee productivity using radio frequency identification” This microchip device can increase productivity because of its programming “using the information transmitted from the RFID tags as well as other factors, such as employee location, employee skills, and expected processing or handling time for the goods.”. This is stating the microchip can calculate the employees skills and determining there skills from there they can tell whether or not that if less people is required to complete the task. Depending if another area is in need of help the system in the microchip can help tell if help is actually needed and who will be the best person to complete the task. This is just yet another reason why the microchip can create a perfect work environment.

Inventions has been making humanity life easier since the first invention was made. It is the reason we find a shortcut to almost everything we do, It is the reason why we are at the top of the food chain and the smartest animals.  Invention are why human thrive, it why some of us have billions of dollars, Technology gives us power over other and give us a new way of living. The microchip nothing different, it brings us convinces, safety and comfort.

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    This is a pretty sunny outlook on the benefits of RFID identification systems, Jonhjelly, but it doesn’t begin to communicate the complex possibilities for companies to utilize the information the chips will provide to monitor their employees, their work habits, their arrivals, departures, and motions throughout the day, whatever they may be telling their employees about their intentions. The three items above are the result of five minutes’ effort doing a simple Google Scholar search for “employee microchip.” Your post here is very deficient in word count, and will benefit greatly from additional outlooks and complexity. The sources are a gift. Please use them or tell me why they don’t serve your needs. And start keeping notes, sources, reactions, purposeful summaries in your White Paper if you want me to be able to interact with your continuing research.

    Is that helpful at all?
    I would appreciate your reactions.


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