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Causes Can be Ruthless

In “Causes of Depression: What Causes Depression?” Natasha Tracy says that more than ten percent of the population will at some point have experienced depression in their life. There are many different factors for the causes of depression. Depression can be caused by different things for different people. Depression can lead to suicide if it is bad enough for that person.

For example, I know someone that took their life because they felt that they couldn’t fix what was broken in their life and they didn’t know what to do anymore. Other examples of depression could be losing someone you love or losing a job or having financial troubles. Also, alcohol and social media can be influenced to cause depression. Natasha Tracy says that there are many causes of depression that could be physical or genetic or psychological. If a couple people you are related to were diagnosed with depression you are more likely to be diagnosed with it too but you can also not be diagnosed with it.

When I was six years old I snapped my elbow in half at my neighbor’s house. During this time the neighbor wouldn’t give my parents their homeowner’s insurance. My parents went to a lawyer and the lawyer said we had to sue because our insurance wouldn’t pay the hospital bills. When my parents decided to do it, my neighbors got angry and started get everyone around us against us. They started to threaten them, my brothers and my dog. Also saying they were going to hurt me even more. We were forced to move because my parents were scared our neighbors were actually going to do something horrible. To this day when I think about this event I feel like it’s all my fault even though I know it’s not. My family suffered through this because of me and I know that they love me. The whole event changed the lives of my family.

In middle school I had a best friend. We were so close. We loved going to class together and hanging out at our brother’s football practices and just playing around. One month in fifth grade she barely came in and I was so confused on why she wasn’t there. I just thought she was on vacation or with her family. Then one random day our teacher told my class that she had terrible news to tell us. She told us that one of our peers has been in the hospital for the past month with cancer and has recently lost the battle with it. Once she told us the name of our peer I was so upset, it was my best friend. I couldn’t eat lunch that day and I barely talked to anyone in school and when I went home I cried so much and told my parents. The next week or so I was barely myself and my parents noticed. They ask if I wanted to see the school counselor, I didn’t want to, I just wanted to be by myself. Her funeral went by and I couldn’t get myself to go I was so upset and young. I regret it to this day not going to her funeral, I should have gone. Every time I think about her I get so upset. I miss her so much.

I was a about ten years old I had a kidney stone and a kidney infection which got worse by the minute. I was in the hospital for about a week but it felt like years. This happened in the winter and there was blizzard. My mom was home alone because my dad stayed with me at the hospital that night. My mom has told me that she never got any sleep that night and just walked the floors of our house because she was so worried about my condition. I was in very bad shape and because of that I didn’t think I would ever go home. I got very depressed and sad but I tried my hardest to get better. It was December and my brother’s birthday was coming up and I felt terrible because my brother had to spend his birthday in the hospital because of me. I felt like a terrible sister. He couldn’t even have a nice birthday dinner, he had to have pizza in my hospital room.

Another event that has happened in my life is my cousin dying so young. It was my birthday and I came home from school to find my mom crying her eyes out. She told me that my cousin had died of a drug overdose. It hit me hard because he was such a great person and he was only twenty-five but just got mixed up with drugs after his father died when he was a kid. The entire family, his mother and brother and sister along with him were devastated when their father died and they all didn’t know what to do. My cousins were really young when this news was brought to them. To this day my aunt, his mother, believes that if she hadn’t gone to the store and she was home with him that she could’ve saved him with Narcan. It is commonly used now to treat overdoes but it has to be used within a certain time period for it to be effective. She is so depressed about losing her son but she rarely shows it and I think she should because that is a hard thing to go through. She needs to talk about it more to help not feel as guilty and not to feel as alone.

Many women have depression when they have children or go through menopause. This is believed to be the result of having hormone changes. My mom has talked to me about her postpartum depression. She said that she felt so alone even though she had a baby right in front of her. This is caused by the drastic change in hormones. There have been many cases of where a mother is so depressed that she kills the baby because they just don’t know what to do with the changes. Society today is a mean place. When I was in high school there was a lot of bullying and break ups that lead a couple of my fellow classmates took their lives. It’s a horrible thing to go through and we should all be aware of the people around us and help them if they need help. If they show signs of suicide or depression we need to help and not stand around. Causes of depression or mental illness could be a chain of events that led up to it. For example, bullying can cause depression.

Natasha Tracy says there are two factors that cause depression; such as biological and environmental effects. Tracy says that in the biological effects she believes that hormones, physical changes to the brain and neurotransmitters are the most common biological causes. For the environmental effects, Tracy believes that death of a loved one, loss of a job, or financial troubles are the most common environmental causes. There are differences with women and men that have depression. For example, Tracy says that men usually are depressed because of job related problems and also because of low testosterone. While women usually are depressed because of social relationships and also because of pregnancy and menopause. Depression can cause a serious case of mental illness. Mental illness can cause people to make bad decisions.

Works cited

Tracy, Natasha. “What Caused the Depression? – Causes – Depression.” HealthyPlace.



2 thoughts on “Causal Argument- alaska”

  1. As I suggested in my comments on your Definition post, Alaska, your trouble is you don’t have a thesis to prove. If I say to you, Depression is a big problem, we’re probably done talking. There’s nothing to argue about, we agree, and we go back to what we were doing. But if I say to you, “With all the prosperity in our country compared to the rest of the world, we should be very happy people, but we’re such a sick consumer society that we always compare ourselves to people who have more. We’ll never stop being depressed because the TV shows that glamorize extreme wealth and commercials for luxury lifestyles create dissatisfaction that makes us feel inferior,” then we have something to argue about, such as that I’m an idiot who thinks depression is an external feeling created by situations instead of a medical condition with physiological causes.

    Get it? You’ve trampling all over the possible hypotheses in your paragraph above, thinking you’ve said something by naming a bunch of observations, but they don’t add up to an argument at all.

    Here are examples of observations from your own paragraph that could be developed into controversial theses:

    —social media can cause depression
    —If people you are related to were diagnosed with depression you are more likely to be diagnosed with it too.
    —bullying can cause depression

    Your White Paper shows no evidence of research you may have done, so I have no idea what you’ve read. If you’re doing Google searches for “depression” and finding 10,000 unrelated articles, you haven’t started the process yet.

    I did a Google Scholar search for this:
    “undiagnosed depression” suicide

    There’s a thesis question inside my search criteria there, Alaska. Do you see it? I want to investigate how often depression leads to suicide, not among the group that are diagnosed and undergoing treatment, but among the “outside happy” people who interest you, those whose depression is hidden. I limited my search results to “Since 2013” and got back a list of 289 academic articles in the past 5 years that matched my criteria.

    The articles are still very different, showing results from many different populations, with different categories of patients and different outcomes, but they all have depression and suicide in common. If I were to read a few of them, I’d start to form complicated opinions, informed opinions, about the relationship between suicide and untreated depression. THEN I would have no trouble writing 1000 words of definition and 1000 words of causation about it.

    So, as always, the key to this problem is NOT TO BROADEN YOUR TOPIC, which results in having nothing to say, but TO NARROW YOUR TOPIC and DO THE RESEARCH until something of value begins to emerge.

    Was that helpful?
    I would appreciate your response.


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