E11: Robust Subjects and Verbs — ChandlerBing

Vancouver suffers from a plentiful amount of heroin addicts committing crimes (such as breaking and entering and robbery) to support their unfavorable habits. A new controversial program provides addicts with free heroin as a way to aid heroin users. Using heroin consumes the users life, turning into an obsession that they are unable to live without. Finding jobs, day-to-day interactions and maintaining relationships become all too difficult for the user because they invest all of their time finding ways to obtain heroin. Weaning users off heroin is not the programs intent; in fact, it is only trying to reduce the rising crime rate in Vancouver. Many heroin users cannot afford expensive hospital bills when they overdose and hospitals should not have to deal with people who choose to use the drug. The program gives users heroin in the cleanest way possible by providing clean heroin and clean needles to prevent the spread of blood-borne diseases. The city’s crime rate will reduce but heroin addicts still have a long and difficult road in front of them.

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