White Paper

Content Descriptions 

Pros of having a microchip

Cons of having a microchip

 Working hypothesis 

1A  Working Hypothesis

Having a microchip embedded into our bodies will make our lives better and will make certain task even easier.

1B. Working Hypothesis

Having a microchip embedded into our bodies will make our lives easier but it will also make it more difficult as well.

2 Topics for small papers

Definition/Classification Argument

My goal in this paper is to talk about the effects that some technology had in our world.

Cause and Effect Argument

My goal when writing this paper is to talk about if certain technology was never inverted then we will never have certain things.

Rebuttal Argument

A counterargument would be the disadvantages to having a microchip in our bodies. I will be talking about all the the negatives that this invention will bring.

3. Current State of my Research Paper

My research paper is coming slowly, I’ve been collecting sources to make a stronger argument for why have a microchip embedded into our bodies can be a positive or negative thing.  I plan on having a stronger argument for positive because I have been find articles on why it is a good idea.

One thought on “White Paper”

  1. This will never do, Jonhjelly. You’ve gathered some good sources. You have more to say about your topic than this. The best you could ever hope to accomplish from a research paper that takes the form “A has advantages, but A also has disadvantages; Some would argue that the advantages make A worthwhile, but others would argue that the disadvantages argue against A” would be a high D.

    Don’t fall for that trap. I challenge you in this White Paper to stop waffling and name for me the most intriguing result of chip implantation you have found in your research so far. If a good idea has terrifying unintended consequences, that’s a good place to start an argument. Be provocative. Be confrontational. Be certain.

    Let me know when you’ve revised this draft. I look forward to something very exciting.


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