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“Home of the brave, land of the free.” That’s the motto our country acquired when we broke lose from he British and set up our own society with new laws and morals. The land of the free was a message that spread all over the world, upsetting some countries, but changed the mind of young explores and immigrants to pack everything they owned to come over and share the freedom America advertised. As the story typical goes though, what is advertised isn’t always what you get, and that was a the case of the land of the free. Nothing here is free, not even help.

As a country with a government and people to serve, a healthcare system was put in place to help people obtain medication, doctor visits, and anything else they needed to live a health lifestyle. America installed a healthcare system that they claim is the best, with the most advance technology and the best treatment for clients. The catch with that is, it’s not free. Nothing is really free, but when you can’t afford basic medication to help the cold you have subside just so you can go to work, there tends to be an issue. The healthcare system in America as a logo of helping the people, but the reality of it is the need for wealth. Looking behind the curtain, you can clearly see the corruptness that comes from money, but even worse, exploiting the people that can’t go anywhere else but the bottom of their pockets for the help they desperately need.

When I was about 12 years old I was driving home with my parents and siblings from staying the weekend at my grandparents. We were on the parkway stopped at a red light listening to music, singing along to the lyrics. Right and the light was about to change, a red car sped directly across the intersection T-boning another car. Both of them spinning out of control, went up a curb, and didn’t stop until they hit the trees on the other side. I saw the whole thing, but what I remember from that day is far more chilling then just the sound of metal on metal. My father jumped out of the car and ran over to the lady in the red car. He yanked her car door off, making sure she was okay as a man did the same for the lady in the other car. When he opened the door the woman was crying and repeating the words, “I can’t go to the hospital, please don’t take me to the hospital, I can’t afford health insurance.” Those words stuck with me as the lady cried them out over and over again, making them more meaningful when the ambulance arrived on scene. This woman who was just in a car accident wasn’t concern with her well-being, but more about the fact that she couldn’t afford medical attention, hospitalization, and all the money that gets dished out to recover.

The bottom line is that our freedom isn’t free if that means that everyday people can’t afford to go to the doctor, to get that medication, to get that procedure done. People can’t afford to live because our government thrives on the profit rather than the fact of saving lives. Healthcare shouldn’t be an option but an olive branch the government should be extending to their people that they promised to serve. Make the motto of America not just a motto but a fact, because right now people are dying because of dollar signs and that alone is sickening.





One thought on “Definition Argument- LifeisSublime”

  1. No sources.
    The anecdote is powerful, Sublime, but the argument is short and thin. It represents no research, which would be OK in a creative writing class, but not in one devoted to a research paper.


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