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11A. Frank Oslick received a injury from a power saw.

“If your device prevents even one person from going through what I have gone through it is a world class accomplishment.”

11B. Oslick believed that if the saw will prevent others from future injuries that will be a great accomplishment.

11C. Opinion based claim in my opinion

11D. The logic behind this is to give an direct account of someones true story and how this may help change someone else life.

Personal Injury Lawyers 

6A. “The Saw Stop and other table saw safety devices are actually very simple.”They run an electrical current through the saw blade that is attached to a current monitor.

6B. The author believes that the makings of the safety saw device is simple and easy.

6C. Opinion based claim.

6D. The logic behind this claim is to make it seem as if the machine is very simple to use and operate with machinery.

Power Tool Industry

10A. ”I have not lived a single day without regretting that accident,” he wrote. “If your device prevents even one person from going through what I have gone through, it is a world class accomplishment.”

10B. Tom Corbett  wants to prevent anyone else from going through what he went through.

10C. Opinion Claim

10D. The accuracy we have from this article is we have an anecdote of someones true life and his story about the incident that ruined his life temporarily. It does a good job by letting the readers know that the injury causes a disfiguring look.


Bosch Tools Saw Stop Lawsuit

2A.“By agreeing not [to] employ such safer alternatives, defendant and its competitors attempted to assure that those alternatives would not become ‘state of the art,’ thereby attempting to insulate themselves from liability for placing a defective product on the market.”

2B. products aren’t as safe as they think so they use precautions.

2C. Factual Claim

2D. The accuracy of this claim is to ensure that the products on the market aren’t as safe as they might look . Next the lawsuit states the traumatic injury could have been avoided if such technology allowed it to be so.

Consumer Safety Advocates

4A. National Consumer League

Ten people every day – according the CPSC’s own data  have their fingers amputated in power saw accidents10 a day!  I’ve wanted to push the CPSC for a mandatory standard ever since hearing a story on NPR in May of 2006.

4B. This shows me that many people get their fingers clipped from accidents due to power saws.

4C. Factual claim as it shows facts and shows proof.

4D. This claims provides the reader with knowledge to let people know whats going on before they are harmed  before they work with power saw tools.

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