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11A: The quote of the director: I spent two days earlier this month at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), listening to the pros and cons of setting a mandatory safety standard for table saws. Ten people every day – according the CPSC’s own data – have their fingers amputated in power saw accidents. 10 a day!  I’ve wanted to push the CPSC for a mandatory standard ever since hearing a story on NPR in May of 2006.

11B this claim is stating that ten people lose a finger a day.

11C This claim is a factual claim because there are stating facts not giving there opinion.

11D This claim is facts because its getting its sources from CPSC( consumer product safety commission.

11E I agree with this claim because it sounds like that is accurate  given how easy it is to have your finger cut off.

2A: the quote of a consumer: Voluntary standards are working to enhance table saw safety.The injury data utilized by the Commission to justify moving forward with the ANPR included only data regarding saws with the traditional guarding system, which is no longer sold.

2B: The claim was voluntary workers are to enhance table saw safety.

2C This claim is factual because the have data to back up their claim.

2D This claim can be reasonable and logical because it makes senses in order to improve the device

2E I agree with this claim because it can better their product.

6A The quote : Their reason for requesting the extension is that “stakeholders need more time to evaluate updated injury information.” Consumer advocates submitted a petition in 2003 to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, asking them to require table saw manufacturers to include safety devices in their products. It has been nearly a decade, and the CPSC has not made a decision.

6B This claims that the stakeholder need more time to evaluate and update the injury information.

6C This claim seems like an opinion because it doesn’t seems like they have data to back to up.

6D This claim seems logical because they are basing this fact on reasoning

6E I aree with this claim because they are using reason with great logic to make their statement

8A quote for the news reporters: This week some of the nation’s biggest power tool companies sent their executives to Washington. They came to argue against tougher safety mandates for so-called table saws, the popular power tools with large open spinning blades. NPR’s Chris Arnold has this Reporter’s Notebook.

8B They came to argue against tougher safety mandates for so-called table saws, the popular power tools with large open spinning blades.

8C This claim is also opinion because it is being reported and has no other facts behind it.

8D This claim is based of logic and reason but still it doesn’t have any facts.

8E I agree with this claim because of the way they phased their article.

5AEvery year, thousands of people are severely injured after using table saws. For more than a decade, flesh-sensing safety technology has been available that could prevent almost all table saw injuries. Unfortunately, the manufacturers have refused to adopt it.

5B The claim this is making is that thousands of people are severely injured after using table saws.

5CThis claim seems like it is a fact although they have no data to back up this fact.

5D This claim can be back up from logic and reasoning.

5E I agree with this claim because with out safes saws it is really easy to have a limb hacked off.

3 thoughts on “Safer Saws—jonhjelly”

  1. The explanations are short and to the point, that makes it easier for the reader to understand whats going on. If you wanted to, you can add more to your agreeing statements and B and C. This would explain more and give the reader a good idea on what the source is about. Use more Cause and effect, Evaluative, Persuasive, Ethical or moral, Proposal or imperative, ect. to characterize and explain better.


  2. Yes, 11A is a factual claim. It is also a persuasive claim, as the writer provides data in a way to make the readers react.It could also be a causal claim, as the writer is stating the facts, and offering a solution after evaluating the facts.There is also an implied claim, that 10 a day should be less, but he wishes the truth was less.


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